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We really need an easier way to swap party members and inventory

party inventory improvement suggestion

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I made the basically same thread a while ago ^^


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I have to disagree completely with this.  You SHOULD have to go back to your ship to manage your party.  Heck, I don't even think you should be able to do it at an inn.  You SHOULD have to go back to where your entire party and its reserves are.  (Oh, I suppose one can make an argument that if you're in port, your reserves would be at the nearby inn on shore leave, and thus accessible.)


I'm honestly quite tired of reading all these arguments in favor of laziness.   Boo-frickin'-hoo.  You have to travel back to your ship (or inn) to get to where your party's reserves are hanging out.  Too frickin' bad!    This is a role playing game.  And part of the role playing is doing some of the grunt work, like going back to where your reserves are hanging out to change the party's lineup!!!


I don't see this as a problem at all.  If there is a problem, it's that the devs aren't telling the players to stop being lazy and deal with the role playing aspect of having reserves!!!  You're lucky that when you remove someone from a roster that they don't just head back to their personal home base, like say, Pallegina heading back to the VTC HQ, or possibly having all removed party members just hanging out at the Wild Mare, either way forcing you to head back to Nekataka to find them. 


What does that accomplish? Is there some test of skill involved in walking to a given town? Do you expect players to find difficulty in that? Or do you just insist on wasting players time with trivial content that they have no chance of failing at and just pads time for no reason at all? Why can't you, if it's that important to you, only change your party in a given location? Why does it have to be forced upon you by Obsidian and they have to make sure that nobody else has badwrongfun either without resorting to modding? I don't agree with your position or really understand your arguments from a design perspective. You can restrict yourself if that helps you enjoy the game more. And good for you if it does. Why do you want others to have those constraints if they feel they don't make sense?



The thing is that those constraints DO makes sense.  All the sense in the world!!!  All I see is you defending laziness.



Dude... seriously, relax. You're not my mother trying to instill in me a good work ethic. You're a guy playing video games. I'm a person playing video games. It's a video game. Why are you invested in how "lazy" someone may be?


There is literally nothing to be gained by forcing people to take a long, featureless walk just to change their party. There is nothing to be lost by cutting out that walk. It's not in any way important, other than having it there is slightly annoying. This doesn't affect you in any way. You can still walk all the way back and change it if you like and if they made this change.


It's okay not to want to do something boring and tedious in a video game. Honest. It is not a moral failing on anybody's part.

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