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Hello All !


To get the acces to the Bounty quest about Lafda, is it neccessary to skip the quest "Regrets Worth Trading" ? On the Wiki, it's not really  clear about that..and i need to correct the wiki page (making some new corrections on the wiki for news players) about this task if my supposition is correct..


Thank you very much !

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Hello ! 


No i'm not really sure about this because in my party, even if you don't kill her, you'll not get the bounty : lafda quest.


It's really hard to find the right condition for complet this quest because when you release her or kill her, you'll not have the bouty quest. Actually, i need someone who know if skip the quest  "Regrets Worth Trading" is the condition to have bounty.


Thank you !  

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The problem for me is the wiki..It's really bad documented for this quest and the bounty, it really need more clarification. i have tested the outcome of the "Regrets Worth Trading" to get the bounty and when you let lafda leave peacefully, you'll not have the bounty too.


On the other hand, i have seen a video on youtube (POE - Speed Run Rogue Ultimate Achievement) and the player didn't do "Regrets Worth Trading" and be able to do the "Bounty : Lafda"


I'm sure that the quest had to be skipped for unblock the bounty... but i need confirmations by some others players...before correct the wiki about the quest and the bounty.

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