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A Matter of Import (RDC Questline) Bugged



Hi, I am stuck doing the RDC quest A Matter of Import.

i have the quest in the log, and the giver tells me to goto the location marked on my map to collect cargo to take somewhere else

Sadly Captin Widla's ship isn't marked on my map. The guest says its to the west of Nekataka, but ive travel and cleared the fog on the whole west side of the map and cannot find the captin.

So as you cant removed quests and retake them like most games, can someone show me a map reference of where captin Widla would be

None of the walkthroughs or Wiki pages ive scoured google for have actually shown where the rondevous point is, only that i have to go and get a cargo.


Any help would be great, or if anyone else has had the same issue to Bump the post.


Kind regards, mosez

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I think the bug's still there. I'm playing on STEAM version After I delivered the 'cargo' to Sayuka, dived down to Cignath Mor where I deactivated the machiene and killed the Kraken the quest didn't update at all. I also can't talk to anyone including Fleet Master Okaya they all either complain about something personal or tell me to go away. I have positive 1 reputation with the Deadfire Company too.

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