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Anyone else bothered by some story inconsistencies?

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Like Eder's and Tekehu's banter about how Eder fought Eothas and now is chasing him and Eothas probably doesn't even know who he is...




...after I spoke with Eothas with Eder in my party and the two of them had a conversation. 


Ekera, ridiculous :p

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How about the new companions hearing from Eothas that the gods were created by the Engwithans (he says so in Ashen Maw) and having absolutely nothing to say about it. It's especially awkward if you bring along Xoti and Tekehu who are both very religious. There was also one instanse of Aloth mentioning the same thing and nobody reacting even though they participated in the conversation just two seconds ago (so I couldn't assume that Aloth and I were discussing it privately).


I'm not even sure what to make of it. Did we at some point tell them so they are not surprised when they hear it again from Eothas and/or Aloth? Do their brains just block it out because the truth is too much for them to handle? Feels like sloppy writing. 

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I did Serafen's personal quest at the very end of the game and when we got to Fort Deadlight he told me that "I know we're to confront Benwith but..." (or something to that effect) when I had killed Benwith six months or so earlier. There are a lot of inconsistencies of that type in the game.

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