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Od Nua statue (basically a begging post)

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I flaked on the backing period for Deadfire because Fig was new and different -- and now I'm super mad at myself because I really like the mockup of the Od Nua statue.


Have people received those yet? I imagine there's no way to buy one separately after the fact. Is my best bet to just start trolling eBay for them in a few weeks, or is there some way to escape the consequences of my procrastination ?

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I didn't back the statue, but I did get the book, mouse pad, figures and pen and paper kit. Really bummed it's taking this long. This stuff should have been here for day one. 


Anyone have an update on this? All I've seen was the email Obsidian sent me telling me the stuff wouldn't be ready for day one. That was a while ago.

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I don't believe anybody's received their Elite Collector's Edition yet.


I doubt I'll unbox mine, but yeah—would love to see an unboxing video with details of each item it includes ;)

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