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Does anyone have good recommendations for grimoires that synergise well with certain subclasses?


I am struggeling to find a good book for my illusionist wizard, once I realized she could not use many of the spells in them. (Conjuration and Enchanting)


Shows a bit the weak side of the grimoire system.



Currently I am using Leofwyn's Grimoire.







It has

10x Evocation Spells,

2x Illusion Spells,

2x Transmutation Spells,

2x Enchanting Spells,

2x Conjuration Spells


So not optimal because of 4 wasted slots, but other grimoires I've inspected so far seem to have more spells I cannot use.

The whole thing is a bit confusing if you ask me. :mellow:


Edit: Found a pretty good one for Illusionist Wizards around lvl 15. (tough quest)


Arkemyr's Illuminating Discoveries






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You specialized in Illusion, which means you can't use Conjuration and Enchanting, even from a Grimoire. There are not that many Illusion spells to take but you probably want one that gives the most evocation spells, and you can just pick the couple illusion spells you want when you level up.


Assuming you take 2 spells and a passive every couple levels before unlocking the next tier, you should be able to get most of the illusion spells available, and then just get a grimoire that has anything else you want. You can switch between grimoires to use different spells you don't have during a fight.

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