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Every couple of days I get a game crash (playing pretty much every day), no idea why and for the most part I don't care since this is pretty rare.

Today the worst case scenario happened, i created a Triple Crown Solo character and the game crashed after an hour of progress.

For a second i thought this is all good, but when I reloaded my game the last autosave was directly after char creation in the cabin on the ship...

This is even worse because for very wrong reasons you can't quicksave in this games TOI/TCS.

I would assume because of laziness in game design, since in other games like Divinity original Sin 2 a quicksave in Trial of Iron just overwrites the autosave.


So whenever an autosave would happen in this game now I have to remind myself to save manually because the game only autosaves on exit? (no not on crash exit, sadly...)

While I somehow could live with quicksave not working (even tho it's super unnecessary), I find the combination of disabled autosave and quicksave as signs of lazy implementation of a TOI, that was at least slightly better in POE1 (no quicksave, but at least autosaves worked)

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