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[Mini spoilers are possible]

In the game there are some differences between importing a file or having the same decision choosen in a custom world state in the options.
For example: Glasvahl? (the bleak elf) appears if left alive and imported while Rymrgand only talks about him when selecting The decision in a custom world state.

Im wondering if there are more small differences like that, as I do not want to miss something as I really dont want to play POE another four times completely just to see some Mini changes in Deadfire. What do you think about that and did you have similar experiences?


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Just thought I'd let you know that it was a BUG when you saw that a created save gets The god to talk about Glasvahl only. 

Because on the newest patch for Deadfire, you get both the god talking about him, and also you can talk to Glasvahl himself. So it shows to me that things like what you mentioned are all probably bugs.

The patch fixed that and you get both like I bet we were suppose to at release of the game.

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