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Suggestion for my MC class / build for second playthrough (POE 1+2)

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I am going to try the companions that are different from my first playthrough. I plan to bring:


POE1: Kana Rua, Sagani, Hiravias, Devil of Caroc, Zahua


POE2: Tekehu, Maia Rua, Ydwin (will be DLC companion, must believe >-<), Rekke / Mirke / Fassina / Serafen (Hopefully one of the sidekicks here will become companion in DLC so that I can choose them, otherwise may just pick Serafen or any intersting new DLC companion)



Looking for some advice on my MC class /build which can complement better with the companions that I plan to bring~


Thanks ya~ 


PS: Normal difficulty

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On normal it dosnt matter... there is no need for powergaming and mostly the standard AI can handle the combats. So pick the class you think it would be cool.


You could even play a priest.

Wenn etwas auf facebook steht, dann muss es ja wahr sein! ;-)

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