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The problem is that the list of wizard self buffs is not that long. After them you can start casting cone spells, but that does not build focus.

Martial classes could provide more focus for cipher.

If you care about some illusion spells, there is Trickster Rogue.

Cipher/ Rogue, Fighter, Monk, Barbarian, BleakWaker could work better.

BleakWaker is great with good spike dmg from FOD. and it has passives similar to Wizard selfbuffs.


CIpher has some selfbuffs which are similar to wizardy, at some point you need stop selfbuffing, and start smashing.


You could also go Wizard route and focus on some self buffs with cone shape spells, or center around caster spells.


You can do this. And it will work vs enemies. There is just not so much synergy to speak off.

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Yes, I tried a solo build and it was Awuful (Cipher side). Pretty much the only useful Cipher spell till like Level IV is Wishper of Treason to create a temporary "tank" for yourself. However 90% if time I was killing everything with Wizard spells like Chillfog so pretty much I would be much better just going pure Wizard and having more Arcane at that point.

Can't recommend.

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