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Uploaded a simple new item I created while testing new items. 


Adds a new unique spell book to The Dark Cupboard shop. The book also contains four new spells.


I've tried to make it so the book/spells would give a boost to a conjurer wizard play-through and also have a theme. 



Improves power level of conjuration spells by +1



Fiery Bolts - LVL2 spell similar to Minoletta's but does fire damage.

Wishful Boon - LVL5 spell that grants random inspiration from Smart, Strong or Insightful. If the caster is a Conjurer (subclass) the inspirations are upgraded to Energized, Brilliant or Intuitive.

Scorching Retort - LVL6 spell that creates a ring of fire around the caster. Any ranged attacks that hit the caster cause a retaliation of Fiery Bolts spell back at attacker (range 15).

Serpent Song - LVL 8 spell that summons a Naga Warrior.


It can be downloaded here


Any thoughts or feedback let me know!

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