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its in the status effects databundle


1st make sure to use smth like notepad++ and the json viewer plug in


find your inspiration/affliction(as in, use the search fuction):







then scroll down a bit check what status effects are tied to it:





find those status effects in the file file and edit away:




for example i found INS_Swift in there, and then searched for one of its status effects within that same file ( 1939a121-2480-4205-90d6-e12cc0ca22fd ) and turns out that status effect reflects swift's dexterity bonus of 5 extra dexterity



the ACTUAL inspiration/affliction bits will have the debug name as something like "INS_Swift" or "AFF_Dazed"

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Cheers, TKDancer.


So I've been experimenting and managed to edit the individual effects, e.g., changing "Paralyzed_SE_DexterityDebuff" from -5 Dex to -10 All Defenses, but I can't seem to change or add effects to an Affliction. I've tried adding additional IDs or replacing them in the "StatusEffectsValueIDs" field in "AFF_Paralyzed", but no difference.


However, each ability that causes Paralysis, e.g., Shadowflame, has its own "StatusEffectsValueIDs" list, that's the same as the one in "AFF_Paralyzed". If you change or add IDs to that field, it'll add/change effects to Paralysis, but only for Shadowflame, and not other abilities that cause it. For example, I found the ID for the -10 Deflection malus of Stunned and added it to Shadowflame, which added -10 Deflection to Shadowflame's Paralysis effect (including the tooltip), but not to other abilities.


tl;dr of this is if you want to change the way an Affliction (I imagine Inspirations work the same way) works, you can do that fairly easily by editing the individual debuffs, but if you want to add effects to an Affliction, you have to edit abilities one-by-one. Unless somebody has any other ideas?   lmao was really overthinking this, just need to Find+Replace


UPDATE: Looks like the effects in the generic AFF_Paralyzed/Immobilized/etc. field are applied in cases of Resistance/Weakness, e.g., I changed the StatusEffectsValueIDs of Immobilized to the ones for Enfeebled. When I cast a Paralysis effect on someone with Dex Afflictions Resistance, it applied the effects for Enfeebled. 

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