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Few suggestions on the rogue abilities tree, feel free to leave you're own ideas. I really dislike the fact that the rogue get something like 7-8 differents attacks skills. It feel really too similar, and the cost of some abilities feel off too.


Keep the passives. Don't touch at : Escape, crippling strike, blind strike, finishing blow & smokeveil and their upgrades.


Remove ring the bell & withering strike.


Shadowing beyond : replace invisibility by swift inspiration, 2 guiles cost. Next upgrade add the invisibility for 3 guiles

Shadow step : 2 guiles the first upgrade.


Smoke cloud : detach from smoke veil, cost 1 guile. Both upgrades can be taken and give you new ability at 2 guiles (like they are). Or remove smoke cloud and just keep the two upgrades as separate abilities.


Merge coordinated positioning & sap. When you switch position with an enemy you confuse him. Increase range and 2 guiles cost? Upgrade same as perplexing sap.


Gambit : increase cost to 6. Even if you double crit, the ability cost some guile and make spamming it unwanted (diminish return). High risk high reward. If you double critic you have a superbe attack for 2 guiles, if you miss/dont critic you lose 6 guiles.


New buff abilities :

Poison : cost 1-2 guiles. For x sec, all your weapon attacks add a DOT to the target (x raw or corrode dmg). Upgrade to more dmg or add weaken affliction (replace toxic strike and one handed ring the bell, work with all your attack abilities).


Reckless assault : 1-2 guile cost. For x sec you have strong & + action speed, but a deflection malus & take more dmg (too easy to offset the deflection malus?). Upgrade : replace strong with tenacious (+ 2 pen).


other possible abilities :

Throw knife : low dmg med range attack with high chance to interrupt. Upgrade with a dot or an affliction.


Fan of knifes : work like wizard ghost blades. DMG + hobbled. upgrades to a 240 or 360 attack, or add a bleeding like arterial strike.

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If you want Assasin backstabber, you need reliable way to turn invisible.

So shadowing beyond is "good" for that. Prefered at low levels, so the build could start shine early.


At level 8 and 9 add Guile Master +3 Guile passive and Guile Grandmastery.

So Rogue could use some other abilities than cripping strike and finishing blow, and not because this two are OP, but since there is no Guile for enything else.


Also if they could put at tier 1 one or two active abilities more. Having choice of Escape/Cripping strike all the time is not much choice. The upgrades could be high level.

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