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Getting normal portraits for all characters/removing watercolor portraits?

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I've been playing the game for a couple of hours now (I had to rush to finish the first one) and I can't express just how much I hate the watercolor portraits, especially the female moon godlike ones. They give this weird feeling between cartoony and horror game uncanny valley creepy. The moon godlike one looks like it should be a dark souls boss the way it's trying to stare lasers into your soul.


The normal portraits are great for the most part and a few are even fantastic. I love the moon godlike ones, the normal ones, and absolutely love all the normal companion ones and I simply don't understand why the game defaults to using the watercolor aberrations for those that it has both versions available for and why we don't have a choice to switch from one to the other.


I'm not looking to get rid of them altogether because from what I gathered some people on the forums really really like them, and indeed a couple of them actually really capture a character well, instead of making them look like either emaciated laser zombies or over-emphasizes caricatures, but I would really love the option to choose and to see all characters have a normal portrait option. I am alright with the NPC ones since for the most part you're not going to see their portraits every single conversation.


I really love the aesthetic of the game but it's so jarring to have them. Does anyone know if there is a plan for this to be changed/added or if someone is working on some portrait packs that look to normalize some of the npc portraits?


Overall, enjoying the game so far ^_^

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I copied all of the companions'/sidekicks' normal portraits and overwrote the watercolor portraits with them. You can find them in the "gui" folder under "PillarsofEternityII_data" in the game files.


Unfortunately the NPCs only have watercolor portraits, so you'll have to wait and see if anyone is up to the challenge of un-watercoloring all of those. :p

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Aloth massages his temples, shaking his head.

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