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Hello everyone!


I'm about to start a new PotD save with the "Deadly Deadfire" difficulty mod. The mod (https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/43?tab=description) does the following:

- More level scaling for vanilla enemies

- Even more level scaling for named enemies

- Enemies have 30 % increased HP

- Experience from quests and combat reduced by 20 %


I also really enjoy the companions and story, so I'll be playing a full party of the MC and companions (probably not sidekicks). With this difficulty level I hope to be forced to be really sharp in my choices for my companions. Here are my plans for the companions (haven't decided on party composition yet):

- MC as a heavy hitting damage dealer. Probably Fanatic (Bleak Walker/Berseker), but might look into Fighter/Monk, Paladin/Monk etc.

- Eder as main tank (Swashbuckler). Sword and shield, tanking abilities with some extra damage from Sneak attack and Persistent Distraction.

- Maia as DPS (Ranger/Rogue). Arquebus or pistols/blunderbusses, depending on what I have. High Accuracy, some good damage from Sneak Attack and rogue abilities.

- Aloth as crowd control or DPS (pure Wizard). How can I make sure he actually hits with the spells when all enemies have +15 defences?

- Tekehu support (Druid/Chanter). I didn't play Tekehu in my last save, but it's hard to say no to Chanter multiclass. I expect fights to last longer, and I think multiclass is cooler in general.

- Xoti as support (pure Priest). Healing and buff/debuff.

- Serafen as ... I really don't know. I had him as a pure Cipher in my last save, but it was hard for him to hit anything with spells on PotD. Maybe Witch for some more damage?

- Pallegina as support/offtank (Paladin/Chanter). Chanter multiclass seems too good, especially as I expect fights to last longer.


Any thoughts on a particular character or the MC?

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If you use wizards and monks and exploit empower and swift fury combos on those classes you will still likely have an easy time. 


In terms of companions the sidekicks .. I know Yvette (sacred stair animancer outpost) has stats that make for a better rogue or cipher or mindstalker than Serafen.


And Konstantin makes for a decent Chanter as Tejehu's pure druid can be quite strong. 

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A min/maxed party will still face roll with that mod. You need to be looking at punching the HP up to 2x and increase npc damage some, and then you will need to start min/maxing to the extreme to handle stuf

have you played the mod he's mentioning?

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