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Pet Effects from Trixie the Dog



Hi there,


According to the description of Trixie:


>>  Self: +25% Stride

>>  Party Wide: 5% Hits Converted to Crits


But what's showing up in Current Effects in Character Records is two Pet Party Wide Effects:


>>  Pet Party Wide Effect: +10% Stride

>>  Pet Party Wide Effect: 5% Hits Converted to Crits


The +10% Stride should be main char only, and the amount is wrong.


EDIT: I figured out the pet party effects were messed up for some reason. Everyone was getting a permanent 5% Misses Converted to Grazes with Ranged Weapons (likely from the Desert Wurm), whether I have any pet or none at all. After reloading an earlier save, all pets worked fine. I'm not sure what's going here, but there might be some sort of problem with pet effects and/or swapping pets around.

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