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Hello everybody!


I can not resist the insidious desire to ask you this brutal, amoral, obscene question:
What would be the most overpowered custom party that your sick brains could imagine right now ?
The most monstrous class combinations? / synergies ?
Thx for your perversion.
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Six Fighter/Monks using Mob Stance and Swift Flurry or similar.

Three Fighter/Monks and two Fighter/Chanters maybe? Lol.


I don't even know what's the strongest character or build, too many builds can easily do PotD and are completely broken at high levels, immortal, insta gibbing screens, etc. 

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Three Fighter/Monks and two Fighter/Chanters maybe? Lol.

Oh good point, the party size has dropped to five. Yeah perhaps. I have no idea what the actual most powerful combination would be. The game's so easy at the moment and there are so many broken combinations that it would be next to impossible to compare.

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5 chanters???


2 beckoners

1 troubadour

1 skald/barb

1 pal/troubadour

1 fighter/troubadour

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4 Fighters/Monks with dual wielding, One Kind Wayfarer or Priest/Chanter for healing and getting back resources for everyone at 19 level.


I don't even think you would need gear at all....

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Nice !   :fdevil:  

Fighter / Monk is indeed really strong for the time being. Chanters are obviously almost broken. And oc. you're right, it's difficult to compare without real challenges.


But for now, if we think about it without spamming, with only original class / sublass mix and maybe with synergies between all members in mind ? No more chanter / monk spam abuse.


What comp would you do no matter how easy the game is ?

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