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Which invocations, chants you use?

 My list: (mostly on MC characters)

And Hel-Hyraf Crashed Upon The Shield, it could last forever (refresh). Also safest lv 1 invo
Summons, all of them gradually. Generally Sceletors->Wyrms->Ogres.
Rejoice, my comrades! Two fingers of daylight, fast heal which dmg enemies.

So Singt thy Biting Winds o' Eld Nary, never had time to reach it, but looks good.

Set to Their Purpose, They All Knew Their Part, for final boss, so late on MC

Come, Come Soft Winds of Death, as 1st level pick unfortunetly gets outclassed.

Ancient Memory +Old Siec Would Not Rest 'til His Hunger Was Sated if party needs healing
The Dragon Thrashed, The Dragon Wailed + Aefyllath Ues Mith Fyr, if party needs more dps

Any good, or situacional good invocation/chants missing?

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"Thick Grew Their Tongues, Stumbling O'er Words", immunity to concentration attacks and removes concentration from enemies.


"Reny Daret's ghost spake, I'll catch you, ben fidel" + "Ben Fidel's neck was exposed" even if is a weaker alternative to "At the sound of his voice, the Killers froze stiff" + "...And Their Fear Followed Them into Foothills".

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Every phrase after level 1 has a place imho. Thinking of a Kind wayfarer/Troubadour with all the Resistance phrases so he is extra durable to saving checks and has resistance to Afflictions. All the while he is the party healer combining FoD, LoH, with the Chanter heal/burn invocation.


I am not much of a summoner guy, but all summons have their place.


I have grown fond of both attribute buffs even if Brilliant sees a nerf they are both potent. If you have a good melee MC for killing targets Each Kill Fed his Fury can last a good long while. It works well with Street Fighter/Troubadour for instance.


I also mean to try out Boil Their Flesh in a future play through. I haven't given it a solid go thus far.

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