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We're just lvl 7.


Me: Devoted/Helwalker 2x shotguns

Eder Swashbuckler Tank

Xoti Pure priest

Alot Pure wizzie mostly missles buffs and expose vulnerabilities.

Serafen Pure cipher 2x pistols.


I have Maia (spelling?) and Pallagenia(SP?) available atm also. Thoughts?


Me aloth and Eder seem decent but Xoti and Serafen dont really seem to pull their weight. 

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You need another frontliner. 


Eder will keep up with the Rush, but Xoti won't without help. 
Either switch in replacement for Xoti (Konstantin/Pallegina), or retire Serafen and keep her + additional meat. 

EDIT: If you're not reusing the shotguns, and going into melee yourself. you have some more flexibility. But as a gun devoted I assume you're staying ranged?

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Magran's fire casts light in Dark Places...

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Xoti ideally shouldn’t attack. I just have her hang back with a wand and spam all her buffs and heals.


Maia in damage dealing I find is better than Serafen. I like her in the Ranger Rogue for that role. Pick mostly passives that boost crust and damage since she has good accuracy.


Pallegina is a pure tank, boost her Metaphysics and Athletics solely and have her equip that skill scaling Shield in the Neketaka Undercroft. I multied her as a Chanter for party healing and buffs.

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