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So as the topic says, I am going to attempt my first PotD play through.

I want to do a non-custom party build using all the standard recruits.


I woud like to play the PC as a tanky front lines dps, I just finished doing a ranger in POE 2.

I am thinking a monk or something similar to tank/dps.

This would put Eder in the side roll of offtank/dps

Kana as ranged dps/backline buff,

Aloth as back line dps

Durance as priest buff/heal

And possibly Hirivias as shape changer dps, maybe Take grieving mother depending how it all plays out for more ranged dps.


Any thoughts on what I need or could learn before I fail my first try?

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Should be fine. PotD takes a bit of getting used to - suddenly you miss and graze a lot more, and you need to delay some quests/encounters* - but it isn't that hard, and your party looks fine. Just take it slowly and be willing to reload to avoid some quests/encounters and you'll be fine. Once you hit the mid-late game it becomes easier anyway, and only the hardest fights really pose a challenge.


Monk's are a fun class to play as long as you don't mind a bit of micro. The advantage of PotD is that you'll build up wounds more quickly (since enemies will tend to do more damage) so will be able to spam your abilities more often.


*The one that I always think of is the two Forest Lurkers near the Shrine of Galawain in Black Meadow. On Hard I can beat this fairly easily regardless of my character. On PotD it can be quite hard if you go early depending on your class.

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