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YAVP: Guts berserk/devouted. Solo.

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YAVP: Guts berserk/devouted. Solo. Path of the Damned.


Saw on Youtube many walkthroughs for rogue class (or multi class) and decide do something different. 


Something like Berserk/Devouted. Try to add some role-playeng aspects in my walktrough. 


Teaser: https://youtu.be/FHiLcBYzBmQ?list=PLskORkULOeMrxdvjmv_BywQ4eB1ucI02e


Conlusion: Berserks can be realy devastating. And very good tanks. When i start i did not expect such power. And such fun!)


vs Nemnok: 




almost all batles on youtube :)


Many thanks to obsidians for the game :)

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