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I'm planning on trying a Ranger/Rogue blunderbuss sort-of-solo POTD build. I'll actually probably use companions but I won't micro them and will set them to autolevel / default AI etc.  Just to have them for the story etc.  I suspect they'll die a lot and be largely useless.

Anyway, I'm looking for ideas of ways to apply sneak-attack/deathly blows qualifying status effects.  Preferably passively with on-hit / on-crit / on-kill / on something else proc effects or auras but open to other suggestions.  Would also prefer that it not be a weapon slot item because I have intentions for those already, and that it work with ranged weapons.  



Are there any gloves/armors/rings/etc that can apply sneak attack qualifying status effects "for free" somehow?  I've tried looking at the wiki but it's largely unfinished right now.  


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Persistent Distraction, debuff chants are the easiest ways.


Since knockdown isn't an affliction in this game, and the game is rather lacking in cc weapons, it'd be pretty hard to find gear that'll do it for you.

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