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Anyone else plays POE2 IWD style?

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It's just I can't get involved with the characters. Their whining just distracts me and despite them being unique and bantering, I created a custom party. A sidekick with no quest, is ok. Babysitting Xoti - sorry.

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I see the dreams so marvelously sad


The creeks of land so solid and encrusted


Where wave and tide against the shore is busted


While chanting by the moonlit twilight's bed


trees (of Twin Elms) could use more of Magran's touch © Durance


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Nope. I loved IWD, beautiful game, but it was too quiet.

Not even recruiting sidekicks because there is nothing to them aside from unique portraits and soundsets.

I do understand the companions may not be everyone's cup of tea though. Thankfully there are options for everyone.


What did you do in the first game? It was kinda the same.

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Emissary Tar: At last, someone who looks like they could be of some assistance! The assorted boobs and dimwits around here have been of very little help.
Charname: I’m afraid you have mistaken us for someone else. I’m Dimwit, this is my good friend Boob, and behind me you’ll find Brainless and Moron. How do you do? 


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I had some issues with them here and there... Xoti butts in too much when the adults are talking, Maia thinks her faction is power incarnate (made me go wipe out Brass Citadel just to give her a bit of perspective on their frailty)... but that's the fun of it to be honest. :D

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I like PoE2 the way it is ( even more than PoE1) and I will always use a full party with companions in every party based RPG I play.

No sidekicks and no hirelings. Probably I will never solo the game too.

I like Eder and Xoti and I cannot play BG1+2 without Minsc, some funny lines every now and then is fine.


I have never finished IWD. Not because it was to hard but it was too boring for me. The game is good, but just fighting and littly story is not my thing.

I never played another dungeon crawlwe RPG after quitting IWD.


I really love companions who have lots of things to say. My favourites are Kreia and Dakkon.

So if their talking goes on your nerves: Endure, in enduring grow strong.

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I take Xoti...hand her over  :yes:


IWD was a hack'n slash game . I waited years for them to mod it and add talking breathing whiny companions and then I played the game again and it was awesomeeeeeeeeeee  :wub:


So no , I need my whiny lovely companions  :grin:

I'll bet ye've got all sorts o' barmy questions! (She mimics your heroic stance) Greetin's, I have some questions... can ye tell me about this place? Who's the Lady o' Pain? I'm lookin' fer the magic Girdle of Swank Iron, have ye seen it? Do ye know where a portal ta the 2,817th Plane o' the Abyss might be? Do ye know where the Holy Flamin' Frost-Brand Gronk-Slayin' Vorpal Hammer o' Woundin' an' Returnin' an' Shootin'-Lightnin'-Out-Yer-Bum is?


Elderly Hive Dweller

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I bring the companions simply because I consider them another part of the story being told and their development as characters depends on interaction with my character which can actually further develop my character.


For example, my POE1 Watcher would never have considered dealing with pirates and was firmly of the opinion that the only good pirate is a dead one but in POE2 he had to strike a deal with the Principi to smuggle food into The Gullet for the Roparu because he couldn't be bothered to brown nose the queen until she did the right thing and Serafen helped him to realize that not all pirates are terrible people - some are less horrible than others.

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I like their conversations with each other more than I like their interactions with me. I've enjoyed Serafen a whole lot more than I thought I would. When I first came across him I really didn't like any of the class options for him. He doesn't strike me as a barbarian and I hate ciphers. But he has been fine as a barbarian.


I also feel like the companions make a greater difference with interactions than in PoE 1. I like that.


But sometimes there is value in peace and quiet.



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