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Edit 1:    Fixed misspellings; took out repetitive information; fixed organization of how information is presented in a linear path of how to progress; added how to obtain figurines early. 

Edit 2.3: Changed talents level 12-18/ Updated talents to suit new Grimoire and weapon change/ changed level 7 -13 to maximize efficiency 

Edit 3:    Added Neketata content and added spell rotation concept to introduction

Edit 4:    Changed starting stats for a Nature Godlike 

Edit 5:    Added link of play through video 


Link to playlist of video walkthrough: 



I did not gold dupe enough gold to buy all the equipment that can be obtained when leaving Port Maje to show how to play the early game as if it was a first playthrough. Starting with the 50,000 gold to buy the gear and a proper grimiore will make all these fight a cakewake


Hey fellow Watchers,


      In the first pillars of eternity I completed the triple crown solo as a paladin and I'm back to do the same. Of course I am going Paladin again, but multi-classing with a wizard.

      I am mainly interesting in the Enchanting abilities of a wizard for self buffs. Enchanting spells do not have a recovery time, so i choose Evoker as a subclass. The double cast proc are awesome when they happen, and it reminds me of the black mage from FFX. The AoE from the Evoker spells are super strong, and can eliminate an entire group of mobs in seconds. The high burst damage is much needed, because the paladin has one damaging spell that i will be using, Flames of Devotion. FoD Combined with Brand Enemy will provide good single target dps.

     Also, i will be dual wielding for the full attack from FoD, which can kill a mob instantly. Sword and board lacks the necessary damage to destroy a large groups before running out of zeal and, ultimately, running out of resources turning the battle into an auto attack battle. When dual wield, if the first attack from FoD kills the target the full attack still continues and swings at air. Pausing the game while the second part of FoD is casting will allow a new FoD or other spell to be cast with no recovery time.

    For race, Nature Godlike is the to best choice as you will always have the passive activate in battle, but other races are viable. I complete the run as Wood Elf but the Nature Godlike will be noticeably stronger. In the end, I believe race does not matter; however, some races are not viable in solo play; such as, the Orlan that gains increase stats for attacking the same target as an ally. Unless the figurines count, but i still would not choose Orlan like i did in the first pillars. Instead i went with Elf for resistance to Dexterity afflictions. 

     I also start with a Hunter's Bow for the accuracy bonus and Sabre. But switch to Sword/Sabre and Warbows.

     Before level 7, using mirror image instead of vital essence for larger groups is need for  survivability. 

     At level 7, a huge power spike and god mode starts. The self buffs make you a tank but dps is also really high. Start every fight with Vital Essence, Llengath's displaced image, spirit shield, arcane reflection. Throw a cinder bomb if a large group with high accuracy and use figurine for ranged mobs. Cinder bombs and figurine are not needed for every fight but they are there for a reason. Use Fan of Flames and fireball early for AoE. As you gain higher levels and obtain better grimiore, cast the higher level spells instead while using FoD to clean up low health enemys and get the Zeal resource return. Also, using FoD after self buff to increase damage further (FoD upgrade, Eternal Devotion) to maximize damage.


     With that said, let's begin!


Build Name: Angel Of Death 

                     Arcane Knight 

Subclass:     Bleak Walker/ Evoker

Race:           Nature Godlike 

Culture:        Living Land/ Hunter

Author:         Sarnael

Version:        1.0.2

Difficulty:       PotD

Solo:             Yes


Might:            19 ( 18 base + 1 from Living Land)

Constitution:    8 

Dexterity:         9

Perception:    15

Intelligence:   19

Resolve:          8 


Orginal Build as Wood Elf


Might:           17

Constitution: 12

Dexterity:        9

Perception:   15

Intelligence:  14

Resolve:       10


Starting Abilities: 


Flames of Devotion

Lay on Hands

Spirit Shield


Level 2:   Deep Faith

Level 3:   Sworn Enemy 

Level 4:   Vital Essence/ Zealous Aura

Level 5:   Two Weapon Style

Level 6:   Divine Purpose

Level 7:   Llengrath's Displaced Image/ Greater Lay on Hands

Level 8:   Brand Enemy (Rival is not good with an AoE build; this is better for bosses)

Level 9:   Eternal Devotion (after self buffs, cast FoD and pause game after first weapon attacks clear to stack extra damage on spells)

Level 10: Minoletta's Concussive Missiles/ Exalted Focus  

Level 11: Inspired Path

Level 12: Combat Focus/ Scion of Flame (fill)

Level 13: Llengrath's Safeguard/ Righteous Soul 

Level 14: Rapid Casting

Level 15: Uncanny Luck

Level 16: Minoletta's Precisely Piercing Burst/ Virtuous Triumph 

Level 17: Arcane Reflection

Level 18: Improved Critical 

Level 19: Citzal's Martial Power/ Stoic Steel

Level 20: Sacred Immolation (when bug is fixed)(Devs stated that this ability should not do that amount much self damage) 

Mechanics: I max this as it frustrating to not be able to get free loot
Explosives: Great choice as i live off cinder bombs ( so OP, nerf inc)
Alchemy:    Okay choice, but drugs arent really needed
Survival:    I start and level till 6 for skill checks
Intimidate: I put rest of points in this
Helm:   Heaven's Cacophony (Death's Maw Early)(if not Godlike) 
Neck:   Stone of Power (Protective Eothas Charm I used early till 7; when you get the Llengeth's Displaced Image)
Chest:  Devil of Caroc/ Casità Samelia's Legacy/ Miscreant's Leathers (Need Spirit Shield)
Ring 1: Ring of Focused Flame (Ring of the Solitary Wanderer) (Ring of Minor Deflection is used till this is obtained) 
Boots:  Boots of the Stone (Shore-walker Sandals early)
Cloak:  Cloak of Greater Deflection 
Hands: Gloves of the Gatecrasher (Killer Glove's, Swordsman bracer, Gloves of Accuracy is the upgrade path) 
Ring 2: Chameleon's Touch ( might and Int OH MYY) (Ring of protection is used till this obtained) 
Belt:     The Undying Burden (early does not matter much)
Grimiore: Ninagauth's Teaching (Grimiore of Spark and Flame) (use starting one till Neketata)
I start with Saber/ hunter's bow early for the extra Accuracy; but i go sword then war bow for weapon proficiency 
(These two weapons add more percent damage which FoD also procs)
Weapon 1 Modwyr (Watcher's Blade early) 
Enchant: Legendary
Weapon 2 Min's Fortune (Tarn's Respite)
Enchant: Legendary/ Lucky Strike
Weapon 2 Resounding Call (For Crushing Damage)
Enchant: Bell-Ringer, i think the other one might be better) 
Bow: Frost Seeker Bow ( OMG OP ASF)
Enchant: Legendary/ Garland's Breath/ Garland's Rake
Early Game:
     Strategy is key early, i always try to find a doorway large creatures can block others from engage or a spot on the map where i can not be surrounded. Most maps have a place where only 2 or 3 can engage, then AoE them down while they never touch you. Cinder Bomb is how you will progress early, the merchant upstairs, in Kraken Eye, has 3 stealable cinder bombs. Ingredients can be found from various vendors in dunnage and Neketata; this items makes it so easy mode. I use all materials to make cinder bombs, so buy ingredients when available. Also, Scroll of Ray of Fire is needed for an early bounty quest (3 is plenty).
     Always use bow FoD to start fights (early, one shots are possible) Then use Self Buffs ( Vital Essence, Llengeth's Displaced Image, Spirit Shield, Arcane Reflection if needed, then throw a cinder bomb, followed by a figurine (if needed for casters and ranged), then Fireball, Fan of Flames (with proper grimiore), Rolling Flame. At level 10 this becomes your opening rotation, healing when needed and using FoD with melee weapons to clean up. Enchanting spells have no recovery time, so if you take damage while buffing, using a heal is perfectly fine.   
     The starting Island is pretty easy, use your bow and Flames of Devotion (apply sickening, followed up by Minor Missile if not dead, missiles can not miss) In the Cave, always kill the pistol users first. Kite the Revenants and Rusted Copper Construct. Sneaking around the latter for nearby ring and to complet helping hands for an easy Level 2 is obtained. Head to Port Maje after collecting the random loot and going around stealing, collecting, and progressing quest. Picking up Death's Maw, Ring of Minor Deflection and Shorewalker Sandals from vendors. At level 3, the vendor upstairs in the Kraken Eye has cinder bombs in the chest, and 2 spices and onyxs for sale. Hit level 4 (obtained by completing available quest and talking to the governor to progress the main quest) before going to Gorecci Street. The Eothas Protective charm is a hidden item in the well, equip it. Use Mirror image for buff instead of vital essence till level 7. Go to the northwest-ish part of the town, ranged stealth attack FoD, Self Buff; careful killing the second ranged mob; Getting the two melee at the same time can be bad (RNG). Do not talk to ilari; instead place a trap under the northern mob, use FoD from stealth (does not always one shot the mob) Cinder bomb, Self Buff, Lay on Hands, one FoD should kill the mobs now with Cinder Bomb damage, and dual wield sabers. The encounter's between Vilario's Rest and Port Maje; At the fork, threaten them, take their goods, and attack. These guys hit hard, Self buff. use your scroll Fan of Flames which can kill one, both or miss both, RNG. Then, use FoD to clean up. The woods with the Ogre Druid has a necklace that he will give; peacefull resolve the encounter. There are 2 spot where you can reduce the number of engaged enemies, one is close to where you start at. Place trap, cinder bomb, self buff, FoD clean up, empower when needed. The Xuarips are really easy, kite backwards, self buff, use a scroll if you have one (use empower for more resource if not) FoD clean up. This should leave you with 1 cinderbomb for spirits at the digsite. At the dig-site; the only fight that is scary, is the spirits right before you find eothas, but kite back to where the copper construct are located, with luck 2 mob will reset; use Mirror Image if all 3 are aggro-ed. Save your empowerment for additional resources. 
    After leaving the Port, obtaining the figurines early can make a hard fight a cakewalk.
1. Laughing Imp Cameo - Slightly northwest of Port Maje is a shipwreck sceen, board the ship, search for loot, then search for evidence of smugglers.
2. Opal Tear Cameo - Bought from vendor in Dunnage, Radiant Court, The Treasure Trove.
3. Clay Grub Figurine - Bought from vendor in Neketaka, Queen's Berath, Hunter.
4. The Obsidian Lamp - Buy or steal from SpinkleMan in Neketata, The Gullet, Delver's Row. Use sparkcracklers to move the SpinkleMan and company to get the lamp for free that is behind him.
     Head to Dunnage, complete possible quest. The quest, A Tidy Performance, do not pay of the whore's debt at King's coffin till after level 7; which is your current goal. To get there, explore the Islands killing everything, prior knowledge of which island not to venture is needed, do not try to complete the island with the spirits yet, it is very difficult an the neck is not needed. (how i did it at low level, i ran backwards a bit popped an invisibility potion, stealth and pulled the shadow; sometimes i would still aggro all of them but i would use the figurine, kite backwards to split them. If doing triple crown solo it's not worth it early without knowledge and experience. Cinder Bombs are the key to easily defeating the large mob groups on the islands. Using Cinder Bombs is very important at this stage of the game and needed for an easy fight. At level 7 or higher return to Dunnage and complete A Tidy Performance and loot Boots of the Stone from the mobs.
     Before exploring the Islands, head to Neketata and buy the Gloves of the Gatecrasher and Heaven's Cacophony (If not godlike) from Wanika in northern Queen's Berath. Also, buy Grimiore of Fire and Spark, and steal Ring of Focused Flame in Periki's Overlook. The Undying Burden is from a Merchant in Delver's Row. Talk to Pethi, in The Gullet, to get the harsh medicine quest which opens dialogue options with the inn keeper to find out how to get to Delver's Row.
     The first Island I would go to is Oathbinder's Sanctum to get the Watcher's Blade. There is a room full of Xuarip's and a body on the east side of the room that contains the Ordinary Sword, Examine it to turn into the Watcher's Blade. In the final room, aggro the cultist and kite them back to room south of where you are and their is a spot on the northwest side of that southern room where only two can engage at a time, summon your figurine on the casters. Place a trap before the scene starts and use scrolls or easy AoE. On the Island with the Sea Trolls, kite them to the north where only 2 or 3 can engage. Use Brand Enemy when targeting the Trolls to cancel their regen; kill them quickly afterwards. Self Buff, cast brand enemy on both trolls, cinder bomb, figurine on the backline, Ray of Fire the trolls, FoD cleanup. Meryel the Mad can be split into two groups by placing a trap to get the attention of the copper construct and running to the east, Meryel drops Stone of Power.
     Cavern of Xuar Tuk Tuk and Temple of Tanglana Ruins have recruitable ship members.
     Pūrākau drops the Ring of the Solitary Wanderer
     After completing the Islands and obtaining the three bounties go to Neketata, turn in bounties at Wild Mare, complete the bounty Nomu the Marauder and loot Chameleon's Touch; as well as, Maukotu's Canopy that is slight southwest of Neketata. Kite them backwards across the lake, be quick or get pulled by the trolls. Loot the OP FrostSeeker from the elf. Also, after clearing the island two island should have been named. Go to Map Emporium to turn the quest in. Be sure to buy equipment before leaving for Fort Deadlight 
     At this point level 10 should be obtained, if not, do bounty ship quest, then head to Fort Dead-light for a easy obliteration of that place. The boss fight, stealth to the west side of the room and set a trap up in the doorway. Use the doorway to funnel the mobs while summoning the Siren (Opal Figurine) on the casters; equip the chest piece. You are now a God and the game is easy.
      Return to Neketata, after turning in quest at Dunnage. Complete the quest in Queen's Berath. Careful not complete Family Pride till last as some quest could be locked out or failed. One quest requires you to go The Hole (Inn in The Gullet) to find someone. I choose to side with the Bardotta and attack the thieves in the vault. 
     Continue through to complete in the quest in The Gullet. Talk to the Inn Keeper options 1 then 1 to find out how to get to Delver's Row and pick up the Obsidian Lamp and The Undying Burden from the merchant from Delver;s Row. After speaking to Deoro, obtain the Cornett ( Steal from Tawauka house or get Rust in Delver's Row to steal it. Take the Lift down to the old city, and in the north side is Min's Fortune. Continue through clearing the map till you reach the statue for the quest. The Giant Grub awaits on the other side of the door. Stealth into the room, and use a bow to kill Grub Burrows to prevent them from spawning. Start the fight with self buffs, Sworn enemy, use Obsidian Lamp in between you and the Giant Grub. Three or four FoD will kill the grub; he has about 800 hp. 
     Head to Brass Citadel; loot the city, complete quest that are available and pick up the bounty quest. Followed by going to The Sacred Stair, Periki's Outlook, Serpent's Crown. In Periki's Outlook, the Arkemyr's Manor has the Grimiore Ninagauth's Teaching that i will use. The Construcks are immune to fire which is why I hold off on going in there. Need to levels to be able to kill them confidently.
At this point, level 16 should be obtained, if all quest are complete and turned for Port Maje, Neketaka, and Dunnage; as well as, all locked chest and traps disarmed. (not including ship bounty).
    The two remaining isle in the bottom left quadrant can be completed. The Steel panther has defense and immune to fire, but not immune to the two new spells in the new grimiore. There is a rock on the west of the map and you can funnel the mobs there to reduces the number of engaged enemies. Use normal tactics, self buff, cinderbomb, figure, pew pew. 
    Currently going through Neketata on two play-through's, which is very tedious. I'll Update my progress afterwards.
Thanks for reading!!
     Steam Name: Mesha710
Edited by Sarnael
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Great build!! It seems well-balanced ! Use FOD to clean the remaing mobs after fireball sound great ! I will try your build today ! I wanted to play as battle mage /dark knight for a long time , seems like your build can make it happen. I used to play wizard/chanter (skald ) but I died a lot. Thanks for very detail build !


PS. Do you think it will be viable if I add more into int/per and lower con and resolve to 6-7?

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I do not see a problem with lowering resolve and constitution by 2 points since gear will get the stats back 10. I would put 1 point into might and 3 points into Perception if not my OCD with end game stats. A higher Int would not be as noticeable, since fight end before the buffs end. Int is at 18 + 5 with vital essence and gear. If the buffs do happen to wear out in a fight, empower yourself to recast them and spam FoD; I never use empower expect early to refresh damage abilities or for Lay on Hands.  

I have the stats set a certain way so my defensive stats would be relatively close to the same number cause of my OCD



Edit: Just crunched some numbers.


as a non-godlike race a 19/8/9/16/16/10 stat line will put stats at 26/15/10/16/25/12 with max level, buffs, gear, max disposition, and +4 might food puts defensive stats at 125/151/151/150 which, i believe makes you un-crit-able and only hit-able to late game bosses and some mobs, which is a slightly overall better stat line. If going Nature goddess, i would take 2 points from resolve and put into int to make for the loss of the helm stat, which is my OCD kicking in, even if not godlike i do not seeing that being make or break stat. To recap take to 2 from con and put 1 into might and 1 into perc then two from resolve into Int and that is a 19/8/9/16/18/8 stat line with the same ending stat line as non-godlike minus 2 deflection, which actually looks really good while I type this. You gonna make me do my build over!! LOL 


I also hate taking negative to stat, in POE1 i stat dumped but that'll make it more difficult for this multiclass, but taking 2 points from the base 10 will not affect the playthrough and overall does seem to be better. 


Lowering Resolve and Con further will make the early game really difficult till level 7 if not using Berath's Blessing.

The deflection this build has is already kinda low for a solo run, so lowering resolve makes you more vulnerable early and late. 

Lowering con is not a bad as you will not be getting hit much and late game it is not noticeable; getting crit early can be bad though. Gotta be on toes with the Lay on Hands. 


If you do try a run with lower stats; plz let me know how it works out! 

Edited by Sarnael
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I would've thought Evoker would be a poor buff wizard but I just looked at the spell list and apparently all you really miss out on is Arcane Veil which is less important in this game plus there are tons of firearm using enemies. Transmutation and Conjuration really seem like the least important Schools which makes Evoker even more of a no-brainer between the subclasses.


However, you do lose Chill Fog. D:

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I originally started with Illusionist  as sub-class for the passive effect which worked really well and lived off Chill Fog; which is so damn good, but I lacked damage so bad.
I realized all my damage was coming from evocation spells, but the recovery time was killing me with the extra 20%. i also noticed that i needed the buffs from enchanting and they had no recovery time, so the extra 20% of 0 is 0. (someone did not think that through lol) From there it was an easy choice for evoker for the free power level, and access to the enchanting buffs. I then realized how much chill fog helped, but I used cinder bombs instead for the blind effect. which you start to use less and less as you progress. For veil pierced, i kept scrolls on hand for the fights i would need them, but never had real trouble when it came to that with slight cheese tactics. 


My item bar include Potions, cinder-bomb, Obsidian lamp, scroll if need or The siren figurine or spark-cracklers if in town stealing. 

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They're talking about patch 1.1 breaking the build. I'm assuming this is because of the balance buffs making PotD much much more difficult. I think you can still play it, but accuracy may be an issue. I'd also advise against the fights in Gorecci Street and the fight in the center of Engwithan Digsite. Once you get off the island basically any build is viable.

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Arcane Knight is a good solo combination. But I would strongly advise to pick Bloodmage (wasn't a thing in 2018, it's a rel. new subclass) - because as solo char you will be always short of spell uses, especially in the early game. Bloodmage solves this with Blood Sacrifice. Paladins can get back Zeal by killing foes (Virtuous Triumph). I would also not recommend Bleak Walker because a bit more spike damage from FoD doesn't make a lot of difference when going solo. Something like Steel Garrote (draining health via melee weapon damage) or Goldpact (high AR) is much more effective for a solo Arcane Knight.

I agree that it's best to sneak around Gorecci Str. and the central digsite. You can do the skeletal warriors in the catacombs of the arena but it's also quite tough. 

Once reaching Neketaka - as AeonsLegend suggests - it all becomes much more relaxed (if you don't force yourself into fights with overleveled enemies). 

The only thing that really screws an Arcane Knight is Arcane Dampener. So watch out for enemy casters trying to cast that. Interrupt (e.g. FoD + Arbalest/Crossbow + modal or cast Thrust of Tattered Veil) or kill them before they can finish the cast. Else all your selfbuffs and healing will be gone for a long time - you will not be able to refresh them as long as Arcane Dampener is active.

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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I was a backer for this game, even got my name in the credits, I wonder why I only got a VIP badge? But, moving on, I never actually played outside of the beta, so this is my first ever play through since I got bored with everything else and then seen this game in my steam library and remembered that I had this gem that I forgot about. I got all DLC content. I did play PoE1. Level Scaling: All, only scale upwards, is on, as well.

Anyways, I am not playing solo, I am playing veteran, and I did do this build above. I am playing turned based for the Final Fantasy Tactics nostalgia feels. I did try Gorecci Street....unknowing of the difficulty. I did kill 2 of the "skull" marked guys with the above build, Eder, and Xoti. But they wrecked me after that. Can I go back to it later in the game?

Boeroer, you're recommending Bloodmage with Steel Garrote, yes? Is there a build guide for your suggested build? I literally spent like 2-3 hours yesterday before playing trying to find something that sounds/looks good/cool and came upon this build. Or is it Steel Garrote with Bloodmage?

Thanks for your help, both of you!


EDIT: I am using the following mods, Close to Board Deals No Damage, No Friendly Fire, Enhanced UI, Paper Trinkets_01, The Red Hand Plus Friends, Fair Trade, ThePantry, Trinkets, Black Market Oddities 1.3, SpoilsOfCaedNua.

Edited by Heartgrave
Added mods.
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11 hours ago, Heartgrave said:

Anyways, I am not playing solo, I am playing veteran, and I did do this build above. I am playing turned based for the Final Fantasy Tactics nostalgia feels. I did try Gorecci Street....unknowing of the difficulty. I did kill 2 of the "skull" marked guys with the above build, Eder, and Xoti. But they wrecked me after that. Can I go back to it later in the game?


Gorecci Street is brutal, especially with just Edér and Xoti. You could always return after you've picked up the 3rd Companion (or even the 4th).

11 hours ago, Heartgrave said:

Close to Board Deals No Damage

Obsidian listened to critique and added an option to go straight to Boarding when you fist collide with a ship on the world map, so you can safely uninstall this mod 🙂

Edited by Noqn
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You can just sneak past the looters with one companion and then go to Ilari and initiate dialogue. For only 40 copper the quest is resolved and the looters are friendly. There is no need to fight them because a) they are superhard and b) they don't give you anything special when you kill them. It may be cool to try as a challenge but I wouldn't come back to them just because of that. 

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Does anyone have a build guide for steel garrote/bloodmage? Can anyone tell me what the combo class together is called? Is it still Arcane Knight?


Ooooorrrrrrrrr are you saying use the build above but use Steel Garrote/Bloodemage instead?

Edited by Heartgrave
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