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I'm a backer for PoE2 and thought I'd take a tiny amount of time to say thank you and give impressions.


Game Overall-

I'd like to say that I really like this game!  There are bugs for sure, but I can look beyond these easily to really enjoy the other aspects of the game.  The open areas of the game enable a huge amount of freedom, the class choices allow another huge amount of variety and thank you for this very much, the characters in the story are better, the use of ships instead of a keep is awesome and even the combat system feels better than the original PoE.  One of the amazing things about the game is the AI customization is soooo much better, it's almost too good.  I like the Sid Meyer's Pirates nostalgia that got twisted into the game.


Some things-

The user interface (fonts, windows, story portrait graphics) was initially not as impressive, but I think had improved since beta.  The overland map and combat maps are really great with the exception that the portrait icon for overland map can look messy if using custom portraits (which I think most people do lol).  The ship combat system I think is the weakest part of the game as story style combat is less thrilling than say...Pirates style combat, but I understand that it might have been a little much to implement something more advanced.  I really like the story and characters, am glad you offered us to customize our PoE1 background, but I could not import my PoE1 game for some reason, so thanks for offering the customization.  For ship crew management, I would have liked being able to customize at any major port, not just Nekataka and I wish you let us hire and FIRE our crew people along with an ability to right click individual members to look over properties and do stuff to them.


The AI is crazy good, but it has a big bug that not allow us to make saves to our changes well.  I personally found a work around where I create a new ability as a spacer at very end.. let's call it DeleteMe.. and add a condition and a spell priority, then go apply/save.. then come back.. anything failing to save is typically last ability worked on and I delete the DeleteMe... voila my AI script is good.  This might help people that can't customize their AI cause of the bug.  Anyway,with this AI scripting power, I can pretty much let my whole party just play itself in combat with no input from me.  This why I say I think it might be even too powerful.  Also the difficulty level of the game seems to be lesser than PoE1, I started the game originally on veteran setting (1 level below PotD.. and on second play through to try new things and see Berath's Blessings is about, I immediately bumped it to PotD level)  I'm not sure why the difficulty seems twice as easy, but maybe it's the shortage in CC usage or hitpoints as others in board suggest or maybe cause our customized AI can do so much more.. things happen in combat for me where I'm like uh hmm what all going on?  Oh well my party is kicking ass so we win, lol :)  I also think a fatigue system should be implemented to force people to camp.. make it con based to last longer before fatigue hits and make it an injury so you very much want to rest to clear it.  We can go days and days without resting and only get scared about story line injuries to force us, maybe after a week we'd start getting sleepy :)


Anyway, am enjoying the game!  Thank you and hope some of my feedback is helpful.  Going to head back to the ship and sea before the crew gets restless, later mates! 

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