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Bekarna's Folly map state makes quest impossible to complete



Hello! The other day, I encountered an issue that seems to have rendered the quest Bekarna's Folly impossible to complete.


Description: After solving the constellation puzzle at the top of Bekarna's observatory, the planet diorama aligns and the outermost planet opens up, from which you are (seemingly?) supposed to take your quest reward. However, if you leave the map before taking the items, then return to the map, the diorama is no longer in its aligned state and you cannot put it back in such a state, as the controls have ceased to be interactable. This ultimately makes it impossible to complete the quest.


Reproduction Steps:

  1. Having not yet solved the constellation puzzle, go to Bekarna's Observatory.
  2. Ascend the staircase inside the Observatory to go to the top of the tower map.
  3. Solve the constellation puzzle.
  4. Verify that the planetary diorama has entered its aligned and interactable state.
  5. Verify in your Journal that the quest has reached the appropriate state. The header should read "Retrieve Bekarna's Notes" and the body should read "After activating the orrery in Bekarna's observatory, the model of one of Eora's moons opened to reveal a hidden cache. Whatever Bekarna hid must be inside."
  6. Leave the map (go back inside the observatory).
  7. Return to the map.
  8. Observe that the planetary diorama is no longer aligned and cannot otherwise be interacted with in any way.

Hopefully, this is just a simple matter of needing to set a persistent map state after the quest reaches a certain state!

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