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I'm thinking of doing an Explosive (and 2x Blunderbuss for flavor) based build for the luls and RP.  :dancing:


But before I being I would like to know a list of were I can reliably get materials for such a thing.

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Ok for anyone wondering the shop in Herbalist Overlook has most things you need. The shop on top of hers has some stuff too. If you wait for 24 hours it restocks. Infinite bombs (if you have the gold) lol. From the free 55k I was able to make like 40+ of the good ones (grenade/concussion). A dedicated grenadier build is a easy possibility. 


Now just to see which class can take advantage of them the most.


  • Monk/X as I wonder if they are effected by Turning wheel (it's bugged and works on some spells).
  • Crusader for the all the universal hit you can load up on on top of near invulnerability from start to end. 
  • Rogue/X for assassination buff and restealth shenanigans. (Cheese+Cheese). 
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I agree with evilcat on Rogue for Deep Pockets.  It is almost a must for Explosives, and really makes a Wizard/Rogue with heavy Grimoire swapping a blast.  Trickster for spells is also good.  The 3 classes that get an Explosive bonus are Fighter, Druid, and Wizard.  So selecting any of those 3.  I would probably do Wizard too, but only have 1 backup Grimoire, and a healing potion for safety sake.  Then have 4 grenades.  Scientist is the only background with an Explosives bonus, and if you don't mind starting a little behind I think a Trickster/Ranger with Scientist background would work really well.  .


I have issue with using Explosives in melee.  It works fine, but I would rather toss them from the back lines.  That's probably just me with a perception issue. 

I did mess with explosives and an Assassin build.  It works well.


Although, a Fighter/Trickster could toss them at pesky mages in the back, and be a really good Riposte tank.  I might try this at some point, or give it a go with Eder my next playthrough. 

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