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Vela hates her Dad



This was an issue back in the beta patch as well (which im not using now) but she always appears on the beach just fine, its when she's on your ship that she'll just straight up vanish. 
Even across saves, as i have saves right next to her (she's even in the photo) and she's just not there when it loads. I've check all across the ship, below and aboce deck every time and shes gone. 
This has been an issue across multiple play throughs. 

I've been using imports so I'm not sure if a custom world state still has the same issue. 

It may also be possible that she'll just poof back up later but so far she never has (and I have been testing it out, save scrumming to the highest offense and just continuing playing as much as I want to without my character's daughter). 

When she is around she'll oddly use default sailor responses. Which makes me think they may be some kind of "conflict" between sailor mechanics and her. She never shows up as usable crew in the menu, and the wiki says she's suppose to be a companion (which I have found no hints of in game). In game she's only just been an NPC with no fancy bells and whistles. without a clear cut answer to what she's suppose to be I can't tell how these systems are suppose to treat her. 


So if anyone else has this issue, thats are far as my technical help can get you. Save nearby her and pray. 

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I too am a bit irked by this. She showed up on the beach just fine (using a questionnaire background), and on the ship talking with Serafen. In between she vanished for a while, but later had other interactions with companions (Thanks Pallegina for at first making me think you are worried she might not get a good education, but then suggesting she is small enough to scrub inside the Long gun cannons. -_- ).

Now she usually hags out in my cabin, but also has just generic sailor responses. I think the last unique non-interaction response she gave was her asking whether the boat will be alright while waiting at the campfire on the beach.

I was really hoping she'd have more unique dialogues. Even if a Watcher didn't raise her directly and have someone looking after her (nanny, tutor, whatever), I'm sure she'd still have more unique things to say than every other sailor on board.

She's not much different from the inventory item she was in PoE1, I am sad to say. -_- Which is pretty sad.

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I am proud to say that in our graduation yearbook, I was voted to be the most likely of my class to Communicate with Cows.


Did you know if you made a slingshot completely fashioned out of badgers and shot a peanut into outer space you could blow up the sun?

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