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The Josip

How useful is +10 will or for/ref per 1 ability point?

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Chanter Troubadour, solo class, full party (more or less, companions/sidekicks only). Reached level 5 (PotD Ironman). I don't badly need any Invocation or Chant right now (although I might select one for fun and then respec later on when I get a better chant that I actually want). This leaves me with 1-2 ability points. 


Am I going to get anything out of putting points in +10 Will, or +10 Fortitude, or +10 Reflex?


Someone said enemies don't attack will defense much in PoE2. I am too early in the game to know what I'll need later on. So far I haven't noticed enemies attacking any of these three defenses. It's has been pretty much all about deflection. (Actually, I think Ikawha struck me with some spell, but can't think of much else, and don't remember what defense her spell targetted).


I also can't exactly say what 'build' I use, because I'm all over the place in battles often testing different weapons, different armor, different approach and so on. From powergaming perspective I would mostly use a Pike, with Morning Star if I need to lower foe's Fortitude. Ranged weapon in a third slot (I like Arms Bearer). I don't use a shield and perhaps never will (for style). At PL7+ I will most likely be surrounded by allied summons (even if I go melee), which I assume will soak some of the enemy abilities (along with standard attacks). 


Also, 1H sword looks great. But from powergaming perspective it doesn't seem to offer anything. Too much risk compared to Pike, not enough benefit to offset being in melee range. Nevertheless, out of curiosity, how useful would it be to put 1 ability point into that 1H+no shield skill? Solo class Chanter doesn't have weapon abilities like Barbarian or Monk, but there's still plenty of time to do some simple attacks. 



Anyway, I know the game is easy but I still like to know what's more optimal, and from what's optimal I choose what's stylish and fun.

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