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Need to revise Constitution and Resolve attributes

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I'd like to discuss about the current attribute system, because the system is a little unbalanced, especially in the case of Constitution and Resolve.


Generally, Offensive/Active stats are considered as being more attractive, because those stats are effective for every characters; either Damage Dealer or Tanker. For example, Might is very effective, may be OP, for every characters, even if for Tanker, since the character even may attack nearby enemies via Disengagement Attack. 


On the other hand, Defensive/Passive stats seems a bit less valuable, because those stats do not affect until the character who got the stats is attacked by enemies; the defensive stats even need to be valid against the attacker's attack type! Deflection is only against physical melee/ranged attack, Fortitude is only against internal physical systems like Disease, Poison, etc., and so on.



Every Attributes, except the two, have at least more than one offensive and defensive stats, respectively. The two Attributes, thus, need to be revised indeed, by either adding a new offensive stat or intercepting some stat from the other Attribute(s). In my opinion, reducing recovery penalty from armor might be a good option for Constitution, I have no idea for Resolve yet though.


Any comments and suggestions would really be welcome! 

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