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Found 1 result

  1. playing on POTD This mostly concerns Druid,Wizard (and Priest) and only their damage (offensive) spells. Chanter and Cipher both got at least 1 acceptable spell and since both chanter and druid dont use [spells per encounter] you can just reuse that one good spell over and over without issues just like the ability classes. Spells for utility are great, spells for buffs/debuffs/healing and summons are great. Damage spells are mostly terrible. - cast time is waaaay too long (7 sec+ on some spells) - cast time is often frontloaded making the spells more likely to be interrupted which in turn makes you LOSE the spell entirely (i.e. 4-6 seconds cast 3 second recovery compared to most abilities that take about 0.5 sec, good spells in the game are all 0.5 sec casts) - many abilities get accuracy bonuses while offensive spells get none making them significantly more likely to miss - spells often target reflex or fortitude both of which are MUCH higher than deflection most of the time - there is no good way to reduce reflex or fortitude without spending MORE spells before or gimping weapons (weapon modals) while there are a ton of efficient ways to reduce deflection and all of them benefit not only your offensive spellcasters but everyone in the party - damage for many spells is too low considering how terrible offensive spells are to begin with. Weapon damage and especially weapon abilities stomp offensive spells in terms of dps. - spells dont benefit from group damage buffs like chanters +15% fire for weapon attacks or paladins shared flames of devotion ot anything else for that matter that could be achieved by multiclassing and stacking bonus damage (like soul whip + lightning strikes) - Spells are extremely limited since you only get 2 per level. So the characters that use normal resources can spend these on their best ability over and over again. With spells you only get you best ability 2 times (1 time right after you get it which is horrendous, meanwhile ability users get maximum value right when they can grab something new) - Spell penetration is (for the most part) not that good. So even if you find someone you can hit with your vs. fortitude spell, chances are he basically just shrugs them off. - For the same reason spells rely MUCH more on power level (for penetration especially). Making them worse in the early and midgame since getting top quality weapons is really really easy even early on. - Full casters have no useful passives and obviously lose a ton of inhand potential because of that. - nuking enemies is much more important than overall dps, making some of the dot spells that have a lot of damage over a long time effectively irrelevant - friendly aoe on some doesnt help either... Even if some spells have good numbers all of the other things hold them back /discuss Please exclude exploits and that one super useful damage spell in the game you found (there are a few but most druid/wizard/priest damage spells are awful because of the aforementioned reasons) Like ningauths whatever found in his special grimoire. Please consider that needing other characters or items to make an offensive caster work is effectively just gimping your party in some other regard. Suggested solutions: Give all damage spells +accuracy (A LOT like 20 or sth). This would deal with the biggest issue spellcasters currently have. Spells arent lost when the initial cast is interrupted.
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