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  1. i hope this game is more like a fantasy open world rpg with a bit of realism too ... when it comes to sword fight , please dont use too much fantasy blurs in the sword, or lights that arent real, use it for magic weapons, ok! when you fire a bow, please dont put any lights or fantasy things to the image.... put something realistic... immersive. like skyrim! when the weapons are not enchanted yet!! we want to feel inside the game! the sound, the block system, physics and everything else! the first person thing is amazing! please pay attention to the way the player moves, the way it shakes, the sprint, crouch, throw yourself to the ground and attack... this freedom is welcome!
  2. I had an idea for the crafting system that could provide a nice quality of life change. For materials such as crude rope and berry leather or even arrows add a queue for crafting to eliminate button spam. You could queue up like 5 or 10 of a certain item and let it craft that set amount without button spamming.
  3. I think it would be really cool and helpful if we could make binoculars or a telescope. Could be made out of clover leaves and some dew.
  4. I would like the option to trash a backpack, when picking it up, if you end up with a full pack and there is still stuff in the dropped one that you don't really want. Thank you for a great game, can't wait for Shroom and Doom
  5. Are there any plans to add MOD support for this game on the Epic Games Store?
  6. After seeing some of the new building items in the latest patch I had a few ideas. - Curved walls (mostly for spiral staircase. For building nice looking towers) - Pebblet and Clay walls, windowed walls and roofs would look amazing. Would really help with castle building. - Fusing two different types of armour into one to get both buffs. Getting the defence of the ladybug armour while also getting the carry capacity of the ant armour. Adding a nerf to it would be fine. Like ant soldiers not seeing you as friendly anymore or maybe taking more stamina to run faster. - Arrow quiver. Basically an armour piece that would have similar carry capacity of the backpack but only stores arrows. - Craft-able Pouches. Being able to add a pouch to armour to increase carry capacity would be a nice idea. - Harvesting the metal from nails etc, to make tier 4 weapons from would be awesome. Just a few ideas I had for this promising game.
  7. I think it would be a good idea to have icons for every type of resource and bug in the game. So for example if I were to craft a storage chest and fill it with clay I would choose the clay icon so I will know what chest to go to if I need more clay. And the same thing for sprigs, sap and bug parts. Its just difficult trying to be organize and remembering where stuff is and the icons we do have available don't do a good job at describing whats inside the storage chest.
  8. I just put what ideas I might want in Grounded. Maybe ****ty, maybe actually half-way decent ideas are written down. I dunno. IDEA: I would be satisfied to see Ticks in Grounded. Ticks are these little tiny insects that many people should know about by now. In Grounded, Ticks could have a width of 50HP and they could have a little jump attack (like Lawn Mites) that would Poison the player for 3 seconds dealing 5 damage every second. Ticks would approximately deal 15 damage to a player with at least the Clover Armor Set equipped. Getting attacked by a Tick with no armor equipped would have to at least deal about 20 to 25 damage and possibly 30 damage including the poison side effect. Ticks would be EXTREMELY common in the grasslands, just like they are in real life. Ticks would be attracted to human skin, and would instantly aggro just by looking at you. They would chase you until they become unsatisfied and just crawl away. At night time, Ticks would travel around the backyard in batches, meaning it is better to fight Ticks at daytime instead of nighttime. Ticks would drop Tick Fang (because Ticks have these little fangs on their mouth that they use to hunt prey), Tick Fuzz (because since Ticks are cold-blooded insects, their skin is warm type of fur that warms them up when it gets too cold), and Tick Head (in order to craft a Tick Head Mount the player would need a head in order to mount the head). With the new materials Tick Fang, Tick Fuzz, and Tick Head, the player would then be granted the ability to craft a Tick Dagger, a Tick Head Mount, and a Tick Armor Set. TICK DAGGER: The Tick Dagger would have the same functionality as the Spider Fang Dagger, but would deal a little bit more damage with the Poison and would be faster. We’re talking about 32% Base DMG, 73% Speed, and only 0.15% Stun. The Poison side-effect would add on to the Base DMG and make it approximately 47% DMG per hit. TICK ARMOR SET: The Tick Armor Set would be GREAT when fighting creatures that deal heavy Knockback when attacking the player. The Tick Armor Pieces: Tick Hood, Tick Chestplate, and Tick Shin Guards. Recipes: Tick Hood: 3x Crude Rope, 2x Sap, 3x Tick Fang, 5x Tick Fuzz Tick Chestplate: 5x Crude Rope, 4x Sap, 6x Tick Fuzz Tick Shin Guards: 2x Tick Fang, 2x Sap, 1x Crude Rope So in all, the player would need 9x Crude Rope, 8x Sap, 11x Tick Fuzz, and 5x Tick Fang to craft the entire Armor Set. Health: Tick Hood: 20 Defense Tick Chestplate: 50 Defense Tick Shin Guards: 30 Defense Set Bonus: Payback - Each time a creature attacks you, you will deal 30 damage in return with Poison for 4 seconds. This Armor Set would be an INSANELY good set for attacking Ladybugs, Bees, Orb Weavers, Wolf Spiders, Stinkbugs, and Bombardier Beetles. The AWESOME thing is, when you are swinging your melee at a creature, and they attack YOU, you will be dealing damage with your melee AND your armor set would be dealing damage TOO. The creatures that I listed 1 sentence ago all have this little thrust attack that pushes you back, and this armor set is HIGHLY EFFECTIVE against that. The Tick Armor Set would kinda be a beginner armor set, with the max defense at exactly 100. Once again, it would KINDA be a beginner armor set. I’ll let you guys think about the results of this armor set and think again. Yeah. It’s definitely powerful. Very powerful. But, IT’S COOL! Having the idea of adding an insect that NOBODY rarely even speaks of is an indication that my imagination is absolutely MASSIVE! Obsidian Entertainment, please read all of this carefully and think of adding it. This took me 22 minutes to type out. Literally. That’s 22 minutes of my life I’ll NEVER get back if this doesn’t get respected. Better yet, added into the game! Check out my Grounded Stats Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-g_UreWvPP_A666S90590Klyzz1qoDwnjoIf2IEvM8g/edit
  9. there are too many feathers and their use is limited, I rarely use the bow and when I do it's for berries rather than fighting so normal arrows function just as well. on top of this the bed is just a novelty and aside from the archer cap the feathers have no purpose so I end up just leaving them to pile up. this makes them somewhat of a nuisance when traversing the backyard. as such I have an idea, instead 9f letting them pile up infinitely you could place a hard limit on the amount of feathers allowed to exist at one time maybe 100 or so and if the player is collecting them that limit could be raised until they stop collecting for a while. maybe it could be limited by area such as around the oak tree there could be 20 max and around the weird device there could be 40 or so. this would help with clutter and make them more tolerable (of course also add more uses to them maybe you could make a more efficient glider or a glider that can carry you for a longer distance)
  10. Trying to build a massive base can get pretty tedious very quickly when you're running back and forth carrying up to 9 big items at a time, all while trying to locate the last dandelion you chopped down. This redundancy can be solved with a simple addition of something like a cart (similar to The Forest) that allows transporting bulk quantities of these large items that the game forces you to shoulder. It'd make going on an expedition for these items more fun, and actually feel like an expedition instead of running to/from home base like you're doing the pacer test. Thanks!
  11. I was thinking something along the lines of a table saw that you can place grass planks and weed stems into, that would essentially refine them so you can build neater walls, or even half walls. (I feel like the connection mechanics struggle sometimes to link building parts together.) But overall, more choice when it comes to building basic things like walls, would be fantastic. Great job so far!
  12. I play on multiplayer on Xbox 1 and have found a couple of bugs, however, I also have some suggestions as well. Bugs/glitches (not including ones that have been posted by other players): • Map Bug: Upon logging in, I fall through the map. This isn’t a serious bug, but is still annoying nonetheless. • Hot Pouch Reset: This may not be considered a bug and more of just a save issue, but when first logging in, the order of my items in my hot pouch reset and scatter themselves. I tend to like the items in my hot pouch to be organized so that when I need them, I know exactly where they are. It’d be great if they stayed where they are placed after saving the game once they’re organized. • Dew Spawning Underwater: This also may not really be considered a bug, but I’ve found that dew drops have been spawning in large puddles and underwater areas (aside from the pond). • Bugs Glitching in Terrain: Even after the patch, I have noticed that bugs (especially spiders and bombardier beetles) are glitching and getting stuck inside of the terrain. • Floating Bugs: After the patch, I’ve also noticed that some bugs are still floating in the air. On my multiplayer server we have found floating diving bell spiders and aphids. • Eyeball Glitch: When playing as Hoops, I had a very weird glitch where I could see the inside of her head (like her eyes, mouth, and her hair). I couldn’t see anything else around me which almost caused me to die. Suggestions: • Weapon Rack: There are 2 slots in the weapon rack, but I am only able to use 1. Not sure if this is a glitch/bug, if it’s just part of the game, or if I am using it incorrectly, but I am unable to use both slots on the rack. • Spinning Wheel: I’ve been having trouble getting items off the spinning wheel. I have to stand at specific angles in order to retrieve the items. • Backpack+: The ability to upgrade your backpack would be awesome. That way you can carry all necessary tools and have plenty of inventory space as well. Also customizable backpacks/backpacks with different designs and colors would be really cool! •Multi-directional Ziplines: What I mean by this is to be able to use one zip line both to and from a location. I feel like having a zip line is useless if I can’t return to the place I was originally at (without having to make a whole separate zip line). • Separate Multiplayer Saves: It’d be awesome if I also had the ability to join the game even when the person I play with isn’t online, as well as be able to have my own separate save for the server in my saves list (hopefully this makes sense). • Furniture: Currently, players are unable to actually sit on furniture. It’d be awesome to actually have the ability to sit on and “interact” (maybe even bounce on) chairs and other types of furnishings. • Basketball: The basketball hoop is a really cool addition to the game, however it does not come with any basketballs to play with. It’s only use at the moment seems to be for decoration. • Flowers: More flower types would be really nice such as daffodils, tulips, daisies, etc. • Koi Fish Armor: Koi fish armor has less defense than lady bug armor. This kind of confused me since the koi fish armor is made of bones. I think it’d be cool if they had more defense than the ladybug armor. • Bird Bath Bluff: Me and my brother (who I play with on our multiplayer server) have found Bird Bath Bluff to be a bit confusing. There aren’t really any “directions” or hints on how to get up on the bird bath. We finally found that you have to jump on the leaves to get up there. I feel like getting to Bird Bath Bluff could be a bit easier, less confusing, and more rewarding for all of the jumping and difficult “parkour” to get there. • Bird Bath Bluff Door: When playing in my multiplayer server, my brother and I finally got the door unlocked that’s next to Bird Bath Bluff. We found out that this door only leads to another door which is underneath the hedge lab and under the treetops. It seems to have no use except to get from one place to the other, which isn’t very far away. I think it’d be interesting to actually have a separate lab there, or maybe have some hidden items (like rotten weapons or armor), or somehow add to the storyline itself. • Bird Feeder: I feel like a bird feeder would be an interesting addition to the game (like hanging from a tree branch) along with different types of birds (with bird eggs as well). This would be a place where there are more crow (and other bird) feathers and some bird feed which can be eaten by players. It would be nice to have more uses for bird feathers (and acorns) in the game as well. • New Fish: Another idea I had was to add new fish to the pond such as bluegill, sunfish, and cichlids (along with corresponding fish eggs). • New Trees: I thought it’d be interesting to add some additional trees and new tree types such as birch trees, fruit trees (apples and oranges), etc. Each with their own unique resources. • New Grass: New types of grasses would be a cool add to the game as well, each having their own specific color of grass planks (and maybe other possible resources). For example, bluegrass, zoysia grass, & centipede grass. • Parachutes: I saw where somebody else mentioned in the forums that they thought parachutes would be a cool idea. My brother and I agreed and thought that maybe there could be leaf parachutes or maple leaf helicopters. • Insect Suggestions: Lastly, I have some thoughts on some insects or small animals that would be interesting to add to the game. —> Frogs (as well as frog eggs; and maybe when you kill the frogs you can get edible frog legs), lightening bugs (aka fireflies), scorpions, lizards, butterflies, crickets, earthworms, crawdad’s, grasshoppers, slugs, and maybe even some dung beetles, leeches, and snakes. I want to say that the graphics in this game, along with the character development and the storyline itself are incredible. This game is one of the most fun games I’ve ever played. It is so beautifully designed and one of my favorite games of all time. The developers have done an incredible job.
  13. It would be great to have a fly option on creative mode. It's very tedious to create complex structures without it.
  14. Hey, this is BedsideRobin66 and I came across something while playing this game. You know that you can make armor and equipment, but when its equipped it doesn't move from the bag or when something's moved from your backpack to your hot pouch it wouldn't remover it from the backpack. Well my suggestion is to move the item from to backpack to the desired spot if possible. Sorry, just I found this to be a big pain to me. Especially when I'm going out to gather material to build with.
  15. I've really been enjoying Pillars of Eternity. But one thing that's a little strange is the various ways the game insensitivizes you to run back to the inn/stronghold to rest. As far as I can tell, there's no downside, and it allows upgrades at the stronghold to be built. In addition, camping supplies cost a suprisingly high amount at the beginning, further insentivizing you to run back to town for the free rest instead of wasting 80 copper. Insentivizing players to waste real-life time to avoid in-game expenditures doesn't really make sense. I would suggest that camping supplies just be made free and automatically refill whenever at town. I've only played on hard where you only get 2 supplies at a time, so I don't know how well this would work on other difficulties.
  16. i think you should make a new mode that is survival like, every 10th ingame day there will come waves of ants to attack you and your house. and every 10th day it will be harder so for example day 20 it will come ants and and larvas and so on. almost like ''7 days to die'' becous i like that game but their motor is too bad and your game would make it really good
  17. We should be able to make arrows that explode on impact. We have splatburst and bratburst we should be able to combine anyone of those with arrows.
  18. I mean sooner or later we need to move that up the tier ... cant be stuck at tier 3 forever right ??? So we have acorns by the tree what loves acorns ... squirrels I mean since acorns are used for low tier tech ... the squirrel cant be hostile ... Make it passive until of course you attack it ... Bribe it or Defeat it in battle to tame it for fast travel ... It will bring acorns to your base ... it will help you fight Use it to scale the house and the shed ehrm .... a bid morbid but ... kill it for food and squirrel leather ... full set of squirrel leather armor induce fear amount lower tier creatures but gain aggro with the tier 7 puppy
  19. I would like to suggest an improvement for container storages in the game Grounded. I recently happened to have a group of Larvas show up at my base, who destroyed all of my buildings, including chests. When destroyed, the chests items popped out, and where everywhere. My suggestion would be, that upon destruction of a chest, a small bag will spawn, with your items in them, which will despawn after a set amount of time (so people will actually need to get their items out of there). The small bag can only be looted, and not used to store items.
  20. This game does not have fast travel so it's really boring when you want to switch a party member that you have to go the ship or find a tavern. I find it an unnecessary overhead and sometime I just stick with a combination that I don't really like just because I don't want to spend time traveling 2-3 screens JUST to swap party members. It's really annoying and I really think we should have an easier way to swap party members. Sometime you just want to do it because you are doing a quest were you need a high streetwise char or a char with a specific bg for that storyline or maybe just to crack a lock that requires that char that has higher mechanics but it's currently on your party. There are a lot of examples.. Also when you swap party member they automatically take their equip in their limbo, which is really insanely annoying as you have to strip them every time which adds more overhead to the already boring swapping experience. I think characters inventory should _always_ be available regardless of whether they are in your party or not so you can easily swap their gear. This was brought up many times in PoE 1 and I'm frankly surprised we see these very same problems here.. Would that be that hard to implement or do you just like the fact that players should not be allowed more freedom?
  21. Crafted using the proboscis of a mosquito. Mosquito Arrows cause bleeding damage over time until it is removed. Creates drops of blood that can be slurped. Drinking enough drops of blood gives the Feral mutation and appropriate perks.
  22. Can you please add a small timer like a bar that ticks down to tell us when a smoothie/power up is about to end?
  23. Can you please make the descriptions more direct? For example, instead of a vague description of each mutation, make the last sentence highlight what the mutation does? Thanks!
  24. I think we need a kitchen set in the game it would be nice to have various kinds of ways to cooking like you get abilitys like the smoothy maker but in a kitchen set those effects would last longer and many have new effects like jump boost, cut less (like grass and weed stems), better attack strength,(sense the ant queen is coming soon) maybe ant leader plus: you can add meat to all the bugs and not to just to the smaller harmless animals I'm talking about ladybug meat orbed ever meat wolf spider meat ant meat maybe not larva because those things pop up to frequently and stink bug that's up to the people to decide.
  25. I would like to see a way to break down grass planks into grass fiber. Maybe introduce a grass mill. Right now, there really is not a huge benefit of having grass pallets because when ur building its faster just to use grass planks right and when im not building and farming for grass fiber im not taking the time to save all the grass planks. Right now I need 2144 fibers for all of my fences for my sky catwalks so im not spending the time to take the planks to the pallets. If there was a conveyer system that would auto sort to a group of pallets that would be a huge benefit and make grass pallets useful. This doesn't need to be turned into a factory game of mining and farming. Honestly I think grass planks is the only thing thats needs this benefit. I have about 50 to 60 sap collectors around the oak tres and I think that's fine as well. Im sure there's arguements for more ways to make farming stuff faster, but i do think in this situation and game, less is more for conveyer systems. It would be nice to be able to carry more though both inventory and planks. Maybe chances to find different size backpacks or the possibility to make bigger backpacks with loomed fibers called grasscloth or ramie(both are a real thing).
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