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Found 2 results

  1. Misophonia is (or selective sound sensitivity syndrome, sound-rage) is a neurobehavioral phenomenon associated with an intolerance of specific sounds or their associated stimuli. It is a disorder that has a wider umbrella of causes and impacts, and because of that it's not simply pinning one thing down and tackling said problem. Personally, the cause of mine is the beating of insect wings. Many types of buzzing, which have caused me some level of struggle throughout the years of gaming. When I initially started playing Grounded there was only one source in the game, gnats. I found that the bees later on simply had stylized sounds that either overshadowed what little buzzing there was, or that there was no buzzing at all. The biggest hurdle, however, was when mosquitoes were added to the game. I find myself muting my audio completely (on speakers specifically, but using headphones makes things much harder) when fighting them, especially when I'm in an area such as the Moldorc Playset where they are the primary (or only) enemy. Their "voice" sounds are too similar to real mosquitoes, whereas compared to other creatures' voices that are completely different sounds. While the mosquitoes are the current primary offender, I know that wasps will soon enter the yard and while I haven’t yet downloaded the test version to test my worries, in real life they are also a primary source of this. As I have no experience in making games I figure that audio changes may be harder to implement overall compared to character models. Since I’ve been playing more recently, and progressing further in the game, it’s harder for me to simply bear with it as it comes.
  2. [Verbose story first, brief summary at the end.] Hi! I've been playing this game since it was released, and I instantly fell in love with it. I started noticing after a while, however, that the game was too quiet. I didn't hear any kind of ambient sound while exploring, and it was especially noticeable in cities, which made them feel very empty. All I would hear was the music and bark conversations - without those, it was dead silent. I was preparing to ask around on the forums if anyone else had noticed it as well, when I read about others reporting other sound issues, among them a lack of surround sound. This got me thinking, and I started experimenting with my audio settings in Windows and in my headphones (no results), and then in the game itself. Lo and behold, when I turned the audio slider for Effects back up to 100% from 50% (I always lower this setting in games where there are lots of shooty-bang-bang noises), Byzantine suddenly burst into life with various sounds coming from everywhere and I could also hear the river flowing! I even noticed that the vending machines make noises, and that there out in the wilds were various creature sounds and what not filling the air. I now play with Effects set to 100% and it has made a huge difference in how I experience the worlds and settlements in the game. In short: The sound levels in the game appear overly sensitive. If I turn the Effects slider in the audio settings down below 90%, pretty much everything in the ambient sound department becomes completely inaudible to me. I hear nothing but the music and the voice barks - everything else is dead silent. It is possible that this might be related to other audio issues that players have reported, such as the missing surround sound, but I've no way to determine that myself.
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