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Found 4 results

  1. Sorry if this was mentioned before but I can't find any answers. So the description for the medium and large shields reads: Use your shield to attempt to block incoming weapon attacks, completely resisting the attack (if successful) at the cost of Recovery Time. Taking careful position behind the large shield significantly reduces incoming ranged weapon damage as well as damage from attacks that target reflex. While active you are unable to move. The text that I bolded seems to me that only equippable weapons (swords/bows, etc.) apply and not natural things like claws/tusks/projectiles from bats. But many other different threads regard fists and claws as weapons for purposes of passives and such. So do the medium and large shields modals apply to all attacks from all races? Thanks!
  2. I was wondering if anyone knew whether the Damage, Penetration and Accuracy of Shield Weapons such as Magran’s Blessing, Tuotillo’s Palm and The Best Defense increase with every upgrade tier. It would be rather a shame if it didn’t but I’m not quite sure how to check. Any advice on this matter? Much obliged.
  3. As per title, does anyone know if I'm gimping my caster/spell accuracy when I equip a shield? Thanks!
  4. I looked through the topics briefly but if this has been covered let me know. I know that dual wielding is possible, and shields exist and increase deflection, but would it be possible to have a dual wielding shield guy run around and just block the entire game? Hear me out here: This would mitigate the issue of fighters losing health faster because who's going to be able to hit a guy deflecting with 2 shields? You'd need at least 3 arms! (watch out for spiders) No need to worry about accuracy penalty! You're not going to be hitting anything! Simply wear out the opponent after an hour or so of hitting a wall and have the squishy wizard in the back throw books or something at the guy until he drops. Not only are two shields imposing, if someone tries to break engagement you can always switch to another weapon really quick and get them with a disengagement attack! They'll be forced to pound away for Eternity! May I suggest weapons like: edge of shield, front of shield, shield with pointy spike on it. This is just an idea, but possibly have some sort of ability that would make enemies attack you, like a taunt? (hey man, your mom smells worse than an ogre, I bet you can't get through these shields!) It's possible the sight of a stoic warrior carrying two massive shields could be too imposing, as they could be mistaken as a castle, mountain, or glacier moving at slower than normal speeds. This could also be an ability for crowd control and striking fear into enemies. Maybe dual shields can be used in conversation to end conflicts peacefully, or via a scripted interaction. Certainly offers another route for most quests and events, great for replay value. I hope that this capability will be considered by the developers, it could always be nerfed if it's too powerful or game breaking. Too long have RPG characters been left to fend for themselves in a world with too many swords and weapons. I think it's silly how these scantily clad, bloodthirsty characters nearly always have the ability to swing around two giant swords the size of lampposts but can never consider the trusty shield to be so nice to have twice.
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