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Found 1 result

  1. Hello! The above is my main problem! 1) After having installed the patch and the Expansion (now currently have v2.00.0706 PX1), I tried to travel to Caed Nua - and the game crashed. It might be that my save is full of bugs though and the problem might be aggravated because I used the console, too (just fiddling with Godmode and attributes. And I had to use teleport once because of the 2nd problem below). 2) Regions I have already visited appear as new when I go back (i.e. fog of war is there again), although my diary entries still show every quest as finished. This happened a while ago (before patch 2.0, maybe even after the patch before that) and I hoped a new patch would fix it, but alas it didn't. But that's also why I don't remember if I can go back and re-do the quests (there was only one similar case to this IIRC, there was no solution though AFAIK). 3) I haven't noticed much else than stat bonuses from inns appearing to linger for too long (which was supposedly fixed) and Eder wanting to talk to me although he has nothing to say. 4) I also have to wait veeeeeeeery long (especially when I load up the first game it takes like 2 minutes) for the game to load, afterwards about 40 - 60 seconds for transitions (read Roby's post though, so hopefully that might fix it). Sorry I took so long to get to you guys with this, but I thought I could get through with all of it This .rar file contains a few save games both from 2.0 and the same from the 1.x version, as well as the oldest save game I still have. All the crash reports and the system diagnosis is in there too. Would be cool if you can figure it out, though too many problems might have come together for that to happen =D Reever-logs-and-saves.rar
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