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Found 9 results

  1. I did a search for zipline names but didn’t find anything that seems to match. (I may have missed something though, on a itsy-bitsy phone screen) One of the more frustrating parts of adding a new zipline, especially if playing solo, is not being able to tell exactly which anchor you are connecting to. For example many players build a central tower that has ziplines going to multiple locations, this is normally not an issue as when connecting an out bound line, as there is normally only one anchor in that direction. The frustrating part occurs when trying to connect a return line to the central tower. There maybe 4-5+ anchors/connections in that area and with their close proximity to each other and the long distances generally involved, it is can be very difficult to tell them apart. Generally its a best guess scenario, with getting the right one as best case. Worst case you wasted half your silk rope and will have to run back between the two towers to try and reconnect. The frustration comes when its the 3rd or 4th time you’ve had to run between your towers because you keep selecting the wrong one. Having the ability to name or add an icon to ziplines and anchors would greatly reduce these types of errors. Maybe make zipline points essentially a form of trail marker that only appears while connecting a line. thanks Vern (^_^)
  2. 02/18/2021 Hello here is a list of improvements that can be made to the game following the Into the Woods update, including creature suggestions. Ive played nothing but this game since the new update, originally playing the first version for a couple of days. Quality of life: 1. building complex bases for a solo player takes weeks, i would ask that grass/weed regrowth should be increased in order to assist those who make bases in areas of dry grass/few weeds & grass. 2. Ability to upgrade armor and tools, the milk molar upgrade for torches helps but slime lanterns in water should be upgraded as well to that upgrade 3. Cactus needes should be able to be used as a thistle alternative. 4. Mega Milk molar to upgrade inventory space 5. Item hold amounts for milk molars increased per level. 6. Vertical climbing for aracnids. 7. Webs a 4 chop instead of 3. 8. All insects effected by cordyceps 9. Spiderling damage increase 10. Reduce hostility on ladybird larvae 11. Once teir 3 is unlocked, increase health of all insects to keep them balanced in relative to new ones termite compared to red ants. 12. Mite damage increase, dust mite dust attack dmg increase. 13. More acorn spawns. 14. Increase food bit given on harvest, or concurrent mutation. Suggestions (creatures): 1.praying mantis 2.spider ants 3. butterfly 4. Moth 5. Dragonfly 6. Water strider 7. Frog/toad(boss) 8. hummingbird(boss) 9. Silverfish 10. DADDY LONG LEGS(harvestmen) 11. Grasshoppers/crickets 12. kadydids 13. ****roaches 14. Flea 15. Flies/horseflies 16. Scorpion 17.lice 18. Walking sticks 19. Centipede 20. Venus fly trap/carniverous plants Suggestions (tools/crafting): 1.Boyant base foundation 2. Small one person raft(navigate water faster) 3. Grapple Rod(fishing rod reel that can added to a crossbow to pull yourself to places or high areas without having to parkour or climb[ravine]) cna use thistle or bug leg as grapple and durability measures by incentory weight. 4. Flash bang- stun insects with bioluminessant powder, pebbets, ect. 5. Unarmed attacks, claws ect 6. Climbing tools with use of bug legs 7. Dodge (mutation) 8. Tame pets capable of combat and faster travel.(ants, ladybug, bees larvae) 9. CAGES 10. Parry mechanic 11. Pail to carry cosmetic water and sand. 12. A way to color walls, floors and lamps. 13. Traps with explosive, posion or gas effects 14. Stack cooked food items 15. Balista for home defense.
  3. Currently on 0.12.0 Public Test - 3552 to 3555. When you have multiple of the same meal in your inventory and have said meal equipped on your hotbar and you use/eat it, the game eats your FRESHEST meal from your inventory every time. This can obviously be annoying when you have meals with differing levels of spoilage and the game decides to eat your freshest meal first, cutting your adventure/harvesting time short and potentially leading to spoiled meals. I propose that instead of the above happening, when you use a meal from your hotbar, the game prioritizes eating the meal CLOSEST to spoiling. Nothing major but I think this would be a nice quality of life change.
  4. Please let us relocate built items and structures. I continue to alter and grow my base and that forces me to constantly "recycle" chests, grass plank pallets, etc. I feel like being able to move items would solve issues like accidentally recycling portions of structure you didn't want to get rid of and avoiding potential crashes. I've had several game crashes that seem to be triggered by the recycle mechanic. Large structures should still be force recycled because moving an entire section of wall is unrealistic, but moving a chest of items or a table or cooking spit would be a wonderful quality of life improvement.
  5. Issues & Improvement Suggestions First I would like to say that this game is great, even in its current play preview state. I enjoy Survival Sims and being able to have 4 players to do that with has been even more fun. With that said, I hope that this is seen by Obsidian and taken into consideration. I will update this post as I play more and run into more issues. Issues that I have experienced while playing on Xbox One: Issues *I realize some of these may already be known, but just for sake of consistency, I'll list them anyway. Setting up too many construction blue prints cause game to start lagging Graphics while using Sprig Bow cause arrow to extend and bend while aiming obscuring center dot Building stairs in certain directions can cause clipping issues unless stairs are turned Re-spawn rate of dandelions are slow for early game weed stem access, forcing players trying to attempt to upgrade tools faster than they may be able to Save files being available to all players in a multiplayer session, not just the host Allowing players to log on without the original host to continue to play with all upgrades Potential Improvements Include an option to build a compass or update UI with a compass rose Maybe an ability to quick pin recipe info on main display for crafting after discovery Having to destroy storage containers to move them That is all for now. I will update if I think or discover more issues.
  6. Hey! I'm going to start by saying this is a really nice and fun game to play, spent around 20h on the first days of the release, exploring, building and testing the mechanics. The setting is really cool, the "Pixaresque" art style goes really well here. The story is short (so far) but I'm eager to learn more! A Roadmap to show how the updates are gonna be laid out would help tremendously. Down below are my suggestions on gameplay improvements, what I personally would like to see added and a small or content update I came up with. Quality of Life Equipment such as armor and weapon should not take up an inventory slot. General idea, the thing you are wearing cant also be in the bag right? Hotbar crafting, e.g. if you have a torch on hotbar slot 1 and it breaks, pressing "1" again will fast craft it if one has the ingredients for it. Same for any consumable item like the bandages etc. Sorting options, both in chests and inventory. Also making it auto-stack with existing stacks. Drop all button for a stack, so u can share stacks of arrows quickly or food etc and not have to drop one at a time. Crafting "x" amount button is needed aswell same reason as above, that one could make a stack of arrows quickly. A system where crafting auto-detects ingredients in nearby storage containers. Cuts down on the inventory sim. Show time left on downed allies. Compass marker. Slime mold torch should work underwater? Content Character abilities / feats - 4 unique teens that stand out, adding abit of depth to the selection creating for unique gameplay with different setups for co-op and single player experiences. Wheelbarrows / Sleds - Something to bring with you to carry planks and stems. Weapons - More tiers. More weapon types, E.g. Crossbows, 1-handed / 2-handed varients of swords / maces / axes, Shields, Slings etc. Weapon abilities - Essentially a alternative fire option, e.g. Spear with a charge attack. Club with a overhead swing. Sword with a spin attack. to diversify the weapon types. Armor - More unique one-piece gear like the Aphid slippers, Eg. Mining helm made from fire flies. Rideable insects - Ant pets, ladybug jousting, wolf spider hunting parties so many options ran through my head here and this could be a really fun addition to the game. Decoy items - Consumable item to throw either away from you or on to the attacking creature to lure it or repel it away. Craftable bags - Increase inventory space by crafting. Crafting materials - Sand, Mud, Clay, Plastics(?), Mining ore etc. Base building - Different tiers of house building, creating for unique building options. More shapes for different materials. Fences, Pillars, Ladders, Trapdoors. Stair options, Ramps. 2nd tier of stockpiles which can carry more planks / Stems. Interior building - Beds, Chairs, Tables, Chandeliers, Tiers of storage containers - chest/cupboard etc, Carpets, Paintings, Display cases. Decoration - Painting, color chests, interiors etc. Boats - Make leaf boats to cross water areas. Weather system - Rain, terrifying water just crashing down. Fog, seasonal themed weather e.g. snow. Weather system 2.0 - Hard ask here - rain could fill up trenches and alter the yard experience after it rains. Bosses - Ant queens, Broodmother spider, Infected lady bug etc. Some progression bosses made to fit the story arc or as world bosses. Invasions - event where one has to defeat a swarm of ants, or other insect life. Creatures Generally more of everything but to name a few. Flying - Bees, dragonflies, fire flies, hornets. mosquitos, moths Ground - Worms, centipede, beetles, Aquatic - Fish (to make water dangerous and scary), Striders, tadpoles, water beetles DLC Idea / Event Idea Lost and found Where players can find lost toys that through time have been forgotten and found by insects that drag it home to their bases. Either like action figure weapons and armor that have unique stats on it, or more Lego's themed pieces both tools and weaponry.
  7. Only seeing one quest marker at a time is a drag and interrupts the flow of the game. It would be much better to be able to track multiple quests at once so it's easier to see if any objectives are nearby.
  8. 1 - Multi-character support. I know it might not be do-able, but when I first saw the "Choose which companions are going with you" screen upon exiting the ship, I thought that would be a great way to choose which character you would like to play as as well, since savegames, yes, do list the character they are for, but can get lost in the jumble after a while. 2 - This isn't a complaint about the map sizes by a long shot, but rather the sighting of perfect opportunity. In comparison to the size of the planets, the visit-able areas seem pretty small, meaning that if/when you make DLC, you could potentially just park the new DLC areas on the same planet and swap out a decorative door on edgewater for a door that can open to reveal a "DLC" NPC living there to give quests to the new area(s) and repeat this process through all of the locations, making the DLC seem more of a part of the base game than some sort of "play after the closing credits" or "travel to a whole new system" add-on. I mean, the landscape and monsters are already in there, so no need to make whole new stuff just to add quests, etc., 3 - The ability to rename stuff at the workbench. 4 - A vending machine on the ship, please! 5 - Removing the "wall of death" from some of the unique items. I'm a completionist and while I can understand some items being unavailable because you went with Faction A instead of Faction B, having some stuff like Gladys' rifle, Reeds' bowler, etc., only available through killing them limits my options to "murder hobo" or "just lose out on item". I like how you can pickpocket the gun off of the Edgewater constable, for example, or the possibility that Gladys might be so thankful for rescuing Zoe that she gives me her trusty rifle, etc., Having those options open would really improve my experience. 6 - After I killed the Mantiqueen for my companion, I liked how I got the mounted head. I've killed some of the other "mega ____" whatevers (like the scrat under the Edgewater landing pad) and think hat more mounted heads as ship decor scattered through the ship would be cool. 7 - I know this probably falls into DLC territory, but I liked the cows on the ship and the gas heist and would LOVE to see the ability to ship cargo for folks as side-missions in the game, with the cargo hold interior changing to reflect that. 8 - Speaking of the cargo area, more usable storage boxes would be nice, please. 9 - This is a three-fer-one, but since Tossball is such a big aspect of the game, having Vic and Felix discuss it with each other on occasion would be nice. Granted, I haven't made it to Byzantium yet, but I paired those two as companions to see if the sports fans would get along and, with the exception of the greeter and his poster, neither really brought up the subject and spent the whole time just annoying each other about other topics. Also, being able to display the cards or get something in-game for collecting them all would be nice. The third part is betting. We have a sports bar. We have TALK of betting, but being able to put Bits down on a team and return a few days later to find out if the game randomly chose my team as winner or loser and either win/lose Bits would be epic. and 10 - The ability for the game to remember what I've tagged as "junk" and "not junk", please. I know some/all of these might not happen and am aware of the old "You can't please everybody" adage, but if they could be given some consideration, that would be amazing! Thanks for the great game. Haven't run into any bugs yet (other than the ones I have to kill) but I appreciate the coming patch to help insure that streak continues.
  9. Nyssia Silversmith and Ishgwnan backer NPCs are placed so parymembers moving from the bartender to the stairs out often(almost always in 2 playtroughs) get stuck on them, requering manualy moving them around. I suggest moving those two npcs closer to a wall (or to some other place in Celestial Sapling) so they dont block the way
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