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Found 2 results

  1. This is a really minor bug, but from a role-playing sense seems important. At the end of the Storms of Poko Kohara quest, when you're inside the corrupted adra, you are talking to the souls there and you can try to convince some of them to leave before fighting. There's one dialogue tree where you try to explain that there's nothing divine here. One of the choices, for example, is to show them Beza's Pages. Another is unlocked, in part, if you're a Priest: Magran. (See screenshot below) Only problem is that this Priest: Magran option is a "diplomatic" option, and "diplomatic" is a disfavored reputation for a magranite priest. It seems like an oversight and an error that being a magranite priest opens up an option that Magran herself would disapprove of. It should probably not be a diplomatic option, or it should not be unlocked as a possible option for a magranite priest. Here's a dropbox link to a save right before the dialogue in question: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/di7yxu0zeps0abm/AAA_eXgWHivZTQtpf1RsbN3ta?dl=0
  2. Hey everyone, in here I'd like to discuss the quest design of the main quest of the backer beta. There are some things that I find questionable in the quest "The Storms of Poko Kohara". Two things mainly come to my mind, both concerning Beza's Pages: 1.) To whom I can "show" Beza's Pages 2.) I cannot just "show" Beza's Pages, I can only hand them over Let's assume I decide to destroy the adra pillar. First of all - How does the chieftain immediately know upon my return what I did to the adra pillar? Was that mentioned? Did I miss that? I haven't found any explanation for that in the game. The chieftain is VERY upset with me if I have destroyed the adra pillar. So why can I not "show" him Beza's Pages as an explanation to why I think the Vailian Trading Company means ill to his people? And here comes the thing, I can ONLY "show" him the pages when I did NOT destroy the adra pillar. Why? Why only then? Of course then I get to know that he doesn't understand the language of Beza's pages - but I should have at least had the opportunity to TRY to show/give him the pages when I destroyed the adra pillar. I cannot know at that point that it would be pointless. This is a flaw in the quest design that I have witnessed in Pillars 1 several times. Sometimes that game simply does not offer some options in a dialogue because they would be fruitless (which you do NOT know at that point!). The thing is, you should let us try. And then fail. I would like to try and see that I fail. Please, do not just remove an option in a dialogue if it would at least make sense to try that option. If I destroy the adra pillar I have no way of knowing in advance that it would be pointless to "show" Beza's pages to the chieftain because he wouldn't be able to understand the language anyway. He can only rely on his trust to me which is gone if I destroyed the adra pillar. So let me try to "show" the pages to him and then fail because he doesn't trust me anymore. Another point. Why have I written "show" in quotation marks so far? Because it simply is NOT possible to just "show" the pages to someone! WHY NOT? That doesn't make sense to me in any way. Why can I only "show" the pages to someone by giving the pages away to them, by handing them over? What if my character would have liked to show the pages to several characters first and see their reactions and then decide what to do with the pages and to whom they should be given? This reminds me very strongly of Pillars 1 when some obvious choices in dialogues were simply not there. Please, don't do this in Pillars 2. If I destroy the adra pillar, then Beza's pages become all the more important, crucial even, to TRY to make the chieftain understand my motivations for doing so. And that is my big complaint. I cannot even TRY. I cannot know in advance that I would fail - so let me try and fail!
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