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Found 3 results

  1. I throw myself in front of every enemy and bullet to protect these retards, who rush headlong into bullets with 2% health. I try to heal them by spamming my Inhaler, to give them the paltry 35%, but healing isn't enough when they refuse to take cover. Is there any reason not to just take the Lone Wolf perk and ignore these bullet cushions? Why are they in the game, if they're going to die 5 minutes after I meet them? Maybe put a recovery timer on the Supernova difficulty so that I don't have to fast travel back to the ship and save after every fight, on the off chance Shi* for Brains decides it's time to die. Thanks for taking the time to read! Lifelong Obsidian fan. *EDITED FOR THE ASSUMING READER" 60 Leadership, Melee focused roll. Bonus HP, Armor perks on all companions Parvatti has 32 Armor battle suit, 32 Armor helm. Sam cannot have be equipped with more armor. Adjusted all behavior to max range, use ranged only weapons, defensive. Am I playing to your satisfaction yet? ffs.
  2. Was playing on quest mode and my sausage fingers activated permadeath. I was playing oblivious to the fact and I lost Ezren. Sure I raged a bit but then I said hey ok I ll start over 30 lvls are not that hard. As soon as I added a new Ezren to the party his portrait turned grey and got a lock icon. I can't click on him to view him, delete him or anything. I am forced to always play with him in quest mode. I want to try new parties, any ideas on how to fix this? He also has pretty good items so I 'm reluctant to delete him.
  3. General (For all issues) What device type are you on? Android What version of the OS are you running? Android 5.1 What model is the device? Nexus 5 Gameplay Is pass & play on? No Is permadeath on? Yes Tutorial, Story Mode, or Quest Mode? Story Mode. Have not played Quest mode at all Characters in Party: Mersiel, Kyra, Seoni, Valeros Location of each character: Between quest After successfully completing Trouble in Sandpoint (Burnt Offerings), I obtained my power feat rewards for each character and either exited the game or switched to a different window (can't remember which) A few hours later when I signed back in. Merisiel was flagged as dead (portrait greyed out with skull icon). I can select the other party members but unable to select her to move her out or view her stats. I can still play and complete scenarios with her and modify her deck via card trading with other characters between scenarios, but I'm worried, if I ever do find a way to move her out of the party, that I won't be able to switch her back in due to her "dead" status.
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