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Found 1 result

  1. First of all, this post will be heavily edited as i play this guy further, but he has been tested at higher lvls using console to lvl 16 to test if the concept would work, and it did. As of right now the character is lvl 13 and is a blast to play. I am currently at work, bored to death, wich is why i thought id start this post and i could edit it later when i get home, but because of this i cannot at this time be 100% accurate on my attributes or spells picked per lvl but i will edit that in when this character is all done. Class: Mystic - Ascendant/Priest of Wael Race: Wood Elf (not important tho) Attribute dist. priority: Mig: Medium Con: Low'ish Dex: Medium Per: High Int: High Res: Dump Skills: As of right now not important, that might change later but its doubtful. Key gear pieces: Weapon slot 1: Scordios Trophy + Nerian's Ward (Vs singletargets) Weapon slot2: Whisper of the Endless Paths (vs groups) Head: Whitewitch Mask Chest: Fleshmender + 1 weaponslot (The Regen HP regen is much needed) Gloves: Using 10% hit to graze gloves atm, cant find them on Wiki, later i might switch them out for something else. Neck: Charm of Bones Cloak: Cloak of Greater deflection Rings: Marksman's Ring and Ring of Greater Regeneration Belt: Trollhide belt Boots: Ahu Taka https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Footprints_of_Ahu_Taka Pet: Abraham Food: Captain's banquett, Mohara Wraps, Glazed Chops or Brew Battered Ysae How do we play this? First, before we pull we place a spell trap on the ground in front of us, the burn+blind is solid (searing seal), then we wait so we get our resource back. Pull with borrowed instinct, before u get borrowed instinct pull with the pistol so we get two rapid shots asap. Activate shield modal if enemies have good acc, cast Litany for Spirit (Accute, +5 int +1 PL) and then Arcane Veil, keep shooting until Ascended. When we Ascend we cast another arcane veil incase it ran out, then hit urself with Salvation of Time x2, enjoy ~1min of Ascended with massive deflection and hit to graze conversion pluss very high action/recovery speed from Scordios + Captains banquett. If u want to use potions or buff scrolls, use them right before u ascend. psychovampric shield + secret horrors + shining beacon - Mind Lance spamming is an amazing combo! Keep pistol modal on at all times, we have enough ACC so we dont have to worry about, and we rather have the speed to build up action speed for spell casting rather then pistol shot crits. This character is very defensive while also being very offensive, its a great mix =) While i play this character i will record some fights and make a video to show how i play her. I will edit this quite a lot during the next couple of days
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