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Found 9 results

  1. Can someone please help me figure out how to fix this issue. I'm not sure if it's my computer or my settings but when I play Deadfire on PC my characters look choppy on the character menus. When I play on console everyone looks great. I've attached my graphics settings for the game. I've played through much of the game like this but it's so annoying and I would like to fix it before I start a new character. Please help! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LH777fnWlb3WsWDA2SolSqVUfi1a967r/view?usp=drive_link https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iBtrgjBeVx6RRYp_C0wd-Sc78MbRSq2j/view?usp=drive_link
  2. After playing around with the new weapon enhancement system for a bit I'm torn. One the one hand, I'm always a sucker for crafting sets to counter difficult enemies in any game. On the other hand, I appreciated how mechanic-lite and intuitive Grounded has been so far, and weapon enhancements are (currently) very non-intuitive. There's no indication of what 'spicy' 'fresh' 'salty' and all the physical damage types actually do in-game. And even when you figure out insects are weak and resistant to certain types of damage by reading a wiki article, there's no reasonable way to figure out what any given insect is weak to outside of finding some fan-made spreadsheet. Obviously the game is still in development and creating tutorial data is usually the last step, I just want to emphasis how important a in-game bestiary will be if damage types and weapon enhancements make it into 1.0. Knowing what insects are weak or strong against isn't something a player can figure out in-game without a lot of tedious testing. If the design intent is for players to bring specific weapons against specific enemies, the mechanical data must be available in-game. If the devs don't want that level nitty-gritty info available to players for the sake of immersion, then the weapon enhancement and damage type system probably need to be scaled back. Personally I'm not a huge fan of how the enhancement system works within the natural progression of the game. Getting weapons enhanced early requires dangerous delves into red ant tunnels, which is tense and fun at first. But as I progressed in power, repeatedly clearing out red ant tunnels to enhance new weapons is just a mindless chore. And by the time I advanced enough to unlock candy enhancements, I was are already strong enough not to need them outside of the absolute toughest enemies (which is exactly where a bestiary would shine). Granted, this is just my experience with the system and it may be an outlier, but nonetheless the whole system hasn't felt very necessary. I hope this feedback is helpful, and thanks for continuing to make Grounded an awesome game!
  3. impossible de jouer a la manette, le menu devient infini avec des reconnexion en boucle. au clavier le jeux ce lance sans problèmes. en reprenant la manette les touches en jeux s'affiche sur l'ATH sont celle de la manette mais impossible de faire n'importe quel action. Impossible to play with the controller, the menu becomes infinite with loop reconnection. on the keyboard the games this spear without problem. When resuming the joystick the keys in games is displayed on the ATH are that of the joystick but impossible to do any action.
  4. here's everything my PC was doing at the time on the crash. one thing i have learned is every time it crashes im going into or out of the players menu. (SCAB) most crashes come from changing the SCAB theme and opening and closing SCAB too quick. as for ingame settings its set to full screen 1920/1080. quality medium. shadows off. blur off. vsync off. frame rate cap 120.
  5. I've just reinstalled this game to eliminate a possible corrupt install but I still have a serious problem. I've never been able to play TOW on this new 4k monitor. The game did play okay on an old 5k>4k Dell monitor but that one has been discarded. The issue shows right from the start screen onwards in the menus. Click-boxes are displaced from the text about 90mm in a SE direction. That means I must find the hot-spot a long way away from the actual menu text. Most menu items are not clickable because the hot-spots are off-screen. I went as far as I could to see the extent of this problem and every menu item behaved the same. The new monitor is a ASUS ROG SWIFT PG27UQ. The old monitor was a 5k Dell run at 4k resolution. I've run other Bethesda games okay including Fallout New Vegas - none show this problem. Only The Outer Worlds does it. I've spent several days researching this and trying various approaches. None have helped.
  6. Hey guys, Absolutely love the game! Although I'm not nearly done with it I'm already hoping this turns into a franchise. It's great how Obisidian looked back at how RPG used to be and what we loved about them. I feel like this entire project has been one big nice gesture from them to us, the fans. Anyway, I know there is no 3rd person view whatsoever but I believe this should be implemented at some point. There's so much cool looking gear in the game, but what's the point if the only place you can see this at is the menus. Yikes! Maybe a future patch? I'm not asking for a full third person combat mode, but the ability to walk around in third person while out of combat would be appreciated. Even just being able to zoom out while standing still would be cool, I guess? ':D Also, I play on PC and I love micromanaging, is there any way to compare gear from vendors to what you are currently wearing? Seems like right now I need have the item in my inventory before I can compare it. Peace!
  7. Hi there. Is there a way to make the menu panel disappear ? Since you can bind everything it leads to (inventory, char screen etc) and it's static besides day and time.
  8. Hi everyone! Today i've installed the game in version, and keep my savegames from before, but i've noticed that some things are missing in menus, descriptions, items, etc.. The game became unplayable :/ I upload a capture from the game, so you can see it. Sory for my poor english, i'm from Argentina, and i'm still learning Thanks!
  9. Once I'm within the options menu (within the game), I can't leave. This window asking me to save changes keeps returning, regardless of whether I click Yes or No. I have to quit the game entirely and can only use quick saves and quick loads to record my progress.
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