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Found 2 results

  1. I'v made it to the point in the game where im attempting to free randy to get us off the space ship and im at the last stage and im about to battle the three aliens that are weak to electricity but all i have left is mana/revive potion and no HP so its almost impossible to get over it. Anyone else in a similar situation and know what to do or how to get health potions. I've searched the entire area and looted everything possible but i cant seem to find anything. Help? Ps. I have also modified by gear to the best of my ability to help myself but theres nothing more to do. I've even adjusted the difficulty options from 'normal' to 'casual'
  2. In the last few discissions I noticed an irritatinbly high number of people who think that mages, once low on spells, are a total dead weight. Time to disprove such flawed notions. Lets for example take your average D&D spellcaster. Are spells his main thing? Yes. But that isn't the only thing he can do. The thing holding mack mages the most is their low amount of HP* and poeple not using them to their full potential *something I have campaigning for from day 1 is that health is determined by CON alone and class has no bearing on it. This would make mages far more survivable in combat as tehy could have as much HP as a fighter. One thing to decide when building a character (of any class) is what approach to take. - focus on maximizing it's strengths - focus on minimizing weakneses - balanced approach Now, msot peoepl I know go for the first. Got a fighter? All the equipment and skilsl will be there to make him even stronger and more durable! Got a mage? All equipment and skills/feats go to makeing him a stronger spellcaster. That is a valid aproach, but overspecialization is overrated. It works wonderfull as long as everything is going according to plan. But if it doesn't, if you loose that super-specialized tank - suddenly there's total chaos. *** "A great man once said that Specialization is for insects, Mr. Riley. I believed it at the time. I always thought that any human being, man or woman, should be able to do a solid day's work at any task you set them to. Hunt a buck or catch a fish, hammer a nail, build a fire, change the dressing on a wound — I always believed that you had to be ready to do anything to survive." *** Me? I prefer a more balanced approach. You loose a bit on the offensive side, but gain survivabiltiy and flexibility. I'm gonna give a few example from D&D that work. ToEE, Elven sorcerres Aquariliyane. Being an elf, she starts with weapon proficiency: longsword and has a dex bonus. So I give her 1 lvl of fighter and take Weapon Speacilization and Weapon Finesse (use DEX bonus for to-hit insted of STR). With spells like Blur and Mage Armor (this spell lasts the whole day) her AC is quite impressive (especially if you increase DEX even more or use bbracers of defense). Add Fire Shild, Gaseous form or similar if necessary, but for now let's discount spells, since we are talking about a depleted mage scenario (mage armor still applies tough). She was quite competent in combat. Enough so that she could take on lesser enemies by herself. Then we have Avernus. A human wizzard. He was worse in mele than her, but that's OK, because he had a different role to play. He had an enchanted repeating crossbow (in which he was given proficiency). With gloves of dexterity he was accurate enough with it (and it helped some of his tough spells and AC too). Most of all he was busy making scrolls and wands. When he was out of spells, he was far from useless. I used both of them in ToEE extensively, not backtracting or resting untill my entire party was tired. I cleared enitre dungeon levels without spells and wihout dying. *** What a mage can do even without spells: - make and use items like wands and scrolls (plenty of usefull wands are cheap enough to make and start with 20 charges). They might cost gold and EXP, but EXP can be gained back fast enough (especailly since those lagging behind the group get more) - ranged support - mele distraction/support Note that with combat manouvers being availlbe to every class, even a mage can get behind an enemy and attampt to trip him, or charge and knock him over. A character doesn't have to have to deal a huge amount of DPS to be usefull. A completely average character can turn the tide of battle with proper application.
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