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Found 4 results

  1. Disclaimer: No spoilers. Close to finishing the game for the 2nd time, and first time actually taking her with me. In my opinion, this really is the best written character I've had the pleasure of experiencing in pretty much any RPG. I've played Baldur's Gate (1 + 2), Neverwinter Nights, Planescape Torment, etc, but this character... just wow. On my first playthrough (around release), I played a Cipher, so I thought "hmm she seems interesting, but I'm have a Cipher and having 2 would be silly". But now after 3.01 patch, and buying both White March DLCs, I re-started with a Monk, and decided to take her along with me. Loving every second of it. I urge anyone that never gave her a chance (because of stats, class, or any other reason) to grab her ASAP. My experience with her was so intense, I just had to go somewhere and express my appreciation. Thank you. Kudos to who ever is responsible for the script of that incredible character. One of my best gaming experiences ever
  2. NOTE: POTENTIAL SPOILERS ITT. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. So I was reading through the CE strategy guide after I finished my playthrough, and I noticed there were a couple of things in Durance and GM's stories that I hadn't encountered, or even seen hinted at. Like, at all. One of them was pretty major, namely the reason that Grieving Mother is called as such (iirc it is implied in-game that she has forgotten herself, and not explored further). It's possible that I just somehow managed to pick the wrong conversation options or otherwise somehow not satisfied the requirements to get these stories, but being as I hadn't seen any hint of them at all, I thought I'd post here. The guide has this to say about Durance's character, and his internal conflict: Similarly, for the Grieving Mother: These characters' stories seem to have substantially changed between the time that the guide was written, and release (so, potentially fairly late in development). Here is a list of the things that I have found to be inconsistent with the story I experienced in my playthrough: In my playthrough, GM never made a comment about Durance, or vice-versa (although it would make sense that Durance would not initially address GM). In-game, Durance does not seem to initially be aware that his colleagues were killed. This is a revelation to him relatively near the end of the game. Grieving Mother is not blamed for the birth of Hollowborn children, but fears that she will be blamed, and her story is based around the steps she took to ensure that she would not be blamed. There are hints of ending the Hollowborn crisis causing "other problems", which was not implied in the final game. The fact that Durance's soul is damaged (and he is therefore undetectable to Magran) in-game would be totally explained by the fact that it was damaged by the GM. In the release version, Durance does not seem to be aware that his soul is damaged. I think it is explained by Durance saying that while the rest of his colleagues were killed by the Godhammer, he survived and his soul was only partially destroyed. There are no mention of GM's children in the game. This is the big one! Interestingly, I managed to dig up this interview with Chris Avellone before release. It's quite a long interview, so I'll quote the relevant part:
  3. Grieving Mother becomes more hardened if you wasn't supportive about her actions in the Birthing Bell. She even changes her comments during conversation with Hylea (stops being a fan of "returning souls to the hollowborn" option and warns you about dangers of it). So I wonder what does hardened Grieving Mother says after defeating Theos. And what would be in her epilogue then.
  4. Hey, I found Grieving Mother in Dyrford Village and fascinated by simile "shimmering like adra" during conversation, however I would like to kindly ask you if anybody know meaning of this simile? Please see below image for more details about simile am talking about: Thank you!
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