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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, gang! Assassin and Sharpshooter with a Frostseeker is good? I'd like some tips on how I can make this character.
  2. Hello everyone. I've wanted to create and play with a "Arcane Archer" for a while now. So first i made a Ranger/wizard hybrid but after a while i decided i wanted to make as much use of the Frostseeker bow as i could and for this i decided to go pure ranger and use a few Arcana scrolls for the "Arcane" feeling. The bow itself gives u a very arcane feeling on its own tho. In any case, this build is very simple, it uses Frostseeker bow with Twinshot skill + driving flight and avenging storm scrolls for massive burst dmg. The more targets we hit with the frostseekers small AoE on crit the better the effect so we also use Sparkcrackers, thorny roots and pull of eora scrolls to crowd enemies together and keep them there. This is extremely effective and i have prepared a showcase video to show you. All gameplay recorded was on lvls 16-18 Enjoy: As for Abilities its very hard to go wrong because as a singleclass ranger u dont really have much variety but here is my abilities as of lvl 18: Class Choice: Ghostheart Ranger with Boar pet. The boar is quite good at taking hits and as a ghostheart i never have to care if he dies. Race Choice: Heart Orlan for "Minor Threat" (5% hit to crit vs whoever is targeted by an ally, this works with pet as well) Important Gear: The Red Hand, get it and enchant it for "Unburdened Soul" and get 20 kills with it for a +20% dmg mod wich applies to your frostseeker bow and ur scrolls as well. Frostseeker Obviously, ur main weapon. DoC breastplate for +2 resources. Acina's Tricorn, its Acc bonus applies to everything u use at range and not only the weapon. https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Acina%27s_Tricorn Ring Of The Marksman. Mainly for the +1 Pen with ranged weapons. https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Ring_of_the_Marksman Firethrower gloves for Dex and Arcana boost. https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Firethrower%27s_Gloves Then feel free to mix and match. Attribute Priority: Mig: Medium Con: Low Dex: High Per: High Int: Medium Res: Dump One could argue that a ranger does not "need" high perception, but those few extra points could mean the difference between a crit and a hit, and we really want to crit to proc the AoE blast on Frostseeker as much as possible. We deal loads of small dmg numbers instead of few big ones so might is not overly important. Drug of choice: Coral Snuff for action speed. Important Skills: Arcana atleast on rank 13 for Avenging Storm scrolls. Stealth quite high to make it easier to sneak in and use sparkcrackers and crowd the mobs. Other then that feel free to mix and match however u want em. This build can be played solo wich is what ive done (but i havent finished the game with it) but it suffers on fights vs the very big HP enemies such as dragons and Nemnok because while the burst dmg is very high it is not enough to take down those big boys with the limited resources we have and the dps without resources is very weak on a ranger. So party play is recomended but solo potd is possible but hard at times.
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