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Found 9 results

  1. solifuges are a type of spider if you dont know about them, its like a spider + scorpion, they are even more dangereous than black widows and can eat even pidgeons.
  2. It would be really cool to have more land rights, I noticed building on cans or boxes isn't allowed and also its really disappointing that you can't build a base at the 4 leaf clover, it'd be epic to have a ladder up to the surface and be a cave person. More pets like a gnat/tamale big insects but make them difficult to get e.g pet larva also would be amazing I know there's new enemies being added. Tier 2 glider made from Berry leather for long distances. Being able to go I side the house as a dlc or a separate map with whole new insects like daddy long leg spiders dust mites, fleas, flies, maybe a cat that chases you, maybe an ability to dig up the ground to make your own tunnels. Maybe a pebble Launcher similar to the fatman from fallout. Tier 3 shields or shields from the ladybug wings, maybe grass jump shoes. Potentially an elevator with stone counter weights. Slugs, snails and worms. Maybe caterpillar that'll eat your grass house. Ear wigs similar to larva, centipedes. Dragonfly and their wings maybe for the glider. Throwing thistles. Maybe a skinner outfit and knife for double harvests of insects. Water purifier like a pot for the fire. Ability to grow weeds in the garden patch like you can for other plants in the game. Possibly a weather system so rain and the drops can damage you. More map changing options like the shovel near the picnic table/insecticide canister, maybe be able to flood areas with the sprinklers. A stink bug gas thrower (like a flame thrower but for gas). More chest options maybe like a cabinet/dresser. Maybe Berry leather air foundation like the buoyancy platform but for the sky. Maybe the oak tree can have a tree house and that becomes a huge explorable area. More mutations and possiblly have more active at one. Flying mode for creative or a winged outfit that acts a little like a jetpack maybe use the stink bug gas with a coal to make fuel and ignition. Repeater crossbow (less damage than regular cross bow but still more damage than a insect bow. Compound bow for really quick firing. A bike from stems as the frame and acorn wheels. Leaf kayak and paddles.
  3. My only major complaint with Deadfire after sinking 76 hours into it is the presence of enemies with Immunity to Common Damage Types (Piercing/Slashing/Crushing) and its impact on the gameplay experience. Now, before I get into it, I want to say that I can understand and appreciate Elemental Immunities - typically the only sources of pure elemental damage are spells, and usually if you're running into enemies with elemental immunities you can just cast a different spell. But outright resistance to the Common Damage Types sets my teeth on edge because it produces particularly strange logic in several cases. For example, Skeletal Warriors (and other Skeletal [Class] enemies) are immune to Piercing damage. I can see the logic behind it: Skeletons are not known for having a lot of squishy parts. They're entirely bones and empty spaces, so it makes sense that weapons that rely on piercing fleshy parts to damage organs would have a tough time against them. - Figure A: Skeleton Lectures Peasant On Why Gut Stabs Aren't Great Without A Gut To Stab - However, just because a Piercing weapon primarily relies on touching things that shouldn't be touched to deal its damage doesn't mean that it would be useless: there's still significant force being exerted by the impact, even if effective impact locations are harder to come by. In this case, a high resistance to the damage type in question makes sense, but outright immunity doesn't - regardless of how wiggly and wily a Skeleton may be, a bullet or spear in the right place will still shatter bone. - Figure B: Skeleton Politely Requests Peasant Not Move Pitchfork To Avoid Snapping Spine - Things get even weirder when you factor in Bows. For some reason, War Bows and Hunting Bows were changed from Piercing to Best Of Slash/Pierce. As a result, Skeletons are immune to bullets and bolts, but still very much vulnerable to arrows (even though Slashing primarily relies on cutting, which... Skeletons don't have anything to cut!). - Figure C: Skeleton Loudly Disregards Local Constabulary's Firearms, But States Respect And Fear Of Bowmen - Nitpicking the logic behind it aside, the actual gameplay feel behind common damage immunities is just awful. There's no tactical depth to it: solving the problem is as easy as pulling out a backup - a Scepter or a Rod or a Sword or a Hammer - and it's just annoying. There's no huge additional challenge to dealing with enemies with these immunities, I'm just mildly inconvenienced while my characters use a slightly less optimal weapon so they can actually participate instead of complaining about how their weapon isn't working. Elemental or Spell immunities change the tactics you use because the majority of the spells in the game have unique effects and casting times and AOEs and what have you, but Common Damage Immunities just require you to use a different kind of stick. - Figure D: Bored Skeleton Suggests That Poster Find Better, Funnier Gimmick - Now, Skeletons are just an example of enemies with Common Damage Immunities, but they're probably the best indicator of why these immunities are simply annoying instead of challenging. Very rarely, if ever, do enemies with Common Damage Immunities pose a significant threat because of their immunities. I would much rather see enemies with Immunity to Common Damage Types be given high resistance instead (for example, 20 or 30 at least) so that they still retain their logical defenses against such damage types. This would encourage the player to switch damage types to better handle the situation but not require it. Continuing to use the resisted damage type would still be sub-optimal, but not so much that the experience becomes frustrating or immersion-breaking. - Figure E: Local Skeleton Seeks Flaming Sword To Cuddle, Direct Inquires To Old City Caves Under Neketaka - Overall, I've had a blast with Deadfire and have adored my time spent playing it. This whole Common Damage Immunity thing is literally the only thing I see as a flaw and I desperately want to see it changed, but I also understand if Obsidian chooses not to. If they don't, well... there's always modding, and it's not like I'm going to suddenly start hating Deadfire over something minor like this. Anyways, thank you for reading, and I hope you have a nice day.
  4. Description: At the end of the quest "The Man Who Waits," the wicht enemies do not always appear. After talking to the patient who triggers the final battle of this quest, a cutscene plays, and several enemies enter the room you are in (crazed patients and flesh constructs). After clearing this battle, you can proceed back through the main, large room in the middle of the map with tables. In this room there are now supposed to be several wicht enemies. However, these enemies do not always appear, and instead the only enemies are the flesh constructs guarding various points on the map. Aside from having fewer enemies on the map, this issue does not seem to affect anything else. Steps to reproduce: When I initially played through this area, I entered the map, triggered the final battle for "The Man Who Waits," and then went into the main room with the wichts all in one go without saving and reloading. There were wichts in the room, as there should have been. However, I then reloaded to a save directly before speaking to the patient who triggers the cutscene that starts the final battle (this save is included in the .zip file). After clearing that battle, I went into the main hall and found it completely empty (no wichts, no neutral NPCs) except for a lootable guard corpse. I loaded from that same save at least 3 more times (4 in total), and each time I did, there were no wichts in the main room. Steps: 1) Load the earlier save of the two I have attached 2) Talk to the patient and trigger the cutscene 3) Defeat all enemies in that room 4) Walk back to the large room in the middle of the map where all of the patients were previously and where there should now be wichts. There will be no enemies. The second save I have attached is from after the battle triggered by talking to the patient. Files: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/51501711/NoWichts.zip Let me know if you need any more information! Thanks!
  5. So, I'm guessing that most people have noticed that combat seems really swingy: you often either take massive damage or just completely steamroll the enemy. Well, I think I figured out why. When you reload an area, the Damage Threshold of the enemies in it drops to 0. Steps to reproduce: 1) Start a new game 2) Head to Dyrford Crossing 3) Quicksave 4) Attack the first group of beetles you see. Look at the damage you're doing to them and hover over a damage line to get the attack breakdown. You should see something like "33.6 - 30.0 = 3.4 Slash Damage". 5) Quickload 6) Attack the same group of beetles and look at your damage again. This time you should be getting something along the lines of "33.6 - 0.0 = 33.6 Slash Damage" Expected behavior: The beetles should still have their 30 DT after you load your save! As you can see, this can change the difficulty of an encounter massively, especially against heavily armored enemies like the beetles. The bug seems to occur when the game reloads an area you have previously visited. In other words, the first time you enter an area with a character, enemy DT works correctly, but if you either save and reload afterwards or leave and re-enter the area, enemy DT drops to zero.
  6. A suggestion for the UI when in combat when there are many enemies and it gets really crowded. It would be helpful to get a UI bar with a roster of enemies so it is easier to aim and allows easier monitoring of specific enemies. Not sure if anyone else feels the need for it, but I feel it would make combat management easier. Thanks, keep it up.
  7. I believe we've discussed this issue indirectly before, but I wanted to make a poll about it. This may seem like a small thing, but I think it's things like this that greatly determine the overall "feel" of the setting (comfortable, uncertain, risky, etc.). Keep in mind this only applies to the overworld; there could be hidden entrances to dungeons in areas considered "safe". Obviously this kind of thing would vary a bit from town to town depending on where they were located (ex. on the frontier, or in the heartland of a political state), but I still think that many RPGs demonstrate a pattern of quite abrupt (to the point of feeling artificial) transitions between civilization (urban centers) and wilderness (everything else), leaving civilized but rural areas out of the picture, so I am curious to hear other people's thoughts.
  8. Friends, Why not list creature types, old or new, you'd like to see in P:E. Or just brainstorm some weird and wonderful creature combos as inspiration for game content. Some examples. Undead Variations - Ogre Mummy - Sand Wraith - Undead Troll - Undead Harpy - Drider Mummy Spider Variations Special Ability - Wraith Spider [Necrotic Damage | Fear] - Troll Spider [Regeneration] - Mage Spider [spellcasting | Spell Resistance] - Sand Spider [blindness] - Crypt Spider [Disease - Mummy Rot] - Festering Spider [Disease - Acid Pustules] - Werespider [Disease - Lycanthropy | Cursed] - Carrion Spider [Disease - Filth Fever | Nausea] - Bloat Spider [Poison | Quillfire] - Frost Spider [Creeping Cold | Slow] - Boneshard Spider [Vampiric Touch] - Swamp Spider [swamp Lung] - Rage Spider [berserk] - Spider Mummy [Disease - Infestation of Maggots] Others - Tauric Medusa - Dust Demon - Earthquake Beetle
  9. One of the things that has always bugged me about cRPGs is that the main villain(s) or antagonists are usually extremely powerful beings at the apex of their powers, who seemingly do nothing at all whilst the PC gains powers through doing quests, leveling up etc. until ooops... they lose at the final battle. BG1: Sarevok would have overpowered the PC in BG1 had he taken more decisive action earlier. In BG2, Irenicus should have killed off the PC after his success in stealing his soul (if I remember correctly). In DAO, the Archspawn should have done more than sending one measly attack party against the PC as soon as he realized there were 2 Grey Wardens still alive. Now, I don't know what's the plot Obsidian has in mind, but I'm sure since there a factions, the PC will definitely piss a couple of factions with the actions that he takes. If such, could we have a more detailed and progressive antagonist to rival the PC. The following are my ideas for some antagonist(s): 1. Competitive Rival(s) from the Beginning During the tutorial or prologue, introduce a few characters that the PC has known since childhood. They don't need to be particularly cruel but just have very differing views about what sort of actions to be taken to resolve certain actions. For example, they could see a thief sneaking into the Mayor's house whilst he is not in the house. Actions could include: (a) Rushing in and overpowering the thief (Brash, direct, confrontational) (b) Discreetly informing the local police force (or its' equivalent), whilst setting up traps to delay the thief's escape (Discreet, indirect, non-confrontational) © Sneaking in after the thief and knocking him out. Stealing the highest value items with the lowest weight e.g. gold coins etc. that cannot be easily identified. Pawn them off a quickly as possible or hide the loot somewhere for around 2-3 years. Let the thief escape to take the blame. (Intelligent evil approach). Now, each of the PC friends may have their own opinions as to what actions to take. The PC's decision would break the deadlock. 2. Rivals Grow Through Adversity As the PC starts on his quest, his childhood friends will also undergo certain events that cause them to take up the adventuring cause. The PC might hear of their progress and achievements within certain factions. If he sides with the same faction as one of his childhood friend, he may receive assistance and discussions about the path their other friends have taken. The PC may meet these rivals during battle or competing quests. For instance, both Faction A (PC's faction) and Faction B (rival's faction) may be searching for the same item belonging to a powerful archmage. They could meet in several manners (could be randomized): (a) Brash Rival Just before the PC enters the inner sanctum of the archmage to confront him, the brash rival could arrive and challenge the PC for the right to enter. Upon defeating this rival, depending on the degree of success (e.g. no of rounds), this rival might leave in anger or even agree to join in the battle (in return for some pointers on how to improve his battle technique or some cool loot!) (b) Sneaky Rival Let the PC exhaust his resources against the enemy archmage. Whilst PC has is fighting a grueling battle, his party will set up traps, archers will take up strategic positions, mages empower powerful spells. etc. Once the PC wins, the rival will simply step up and demand for right for the item. Unless the PC still has something left in the bag, victory should be impossible. Of course, if the PC has a skilled thief with him, he would realized he was being followed. He could have the option of secretly getting his Faction to send a backup to follow this shadow force. The backup could then act as reinforcement to circumvent the Sneaky Rival when he finally appears. (c ) Intelligent Evil Rival Upon successfully defeating the Archmage, a messenger from Faction A arrives requesting for the item immediately. He carries a legitimate letter from the Faction Leader detailing the urgent need to obtain the item for certain reasons. The PC has the option to query the messenger further. In reality the messenger is the Intelligent Rival masquerading as the messenger to obtain the item on the sly. If the messenger ploy fails, the Intelligent Evil Rival will send another 3 spies acting as a civillian on the path back to Faction A's HQ. These 3 spies will pretend to be injured civillians robbed by bandits. They will request the party to escort them back to their village, which is conveniently on the way to Faction A's HQ. Whilst travelling, they will attempt to poision the PC's party with offers of refreshments and food. They will also volunteer to 'repair' the PC's equipment. Depending on the PC's party skills, they could find out this plot early or foolishly escort the 'civillians' to the said village right into an ambush. The 'poisoned' PCs should feel the effects only upon the Evil Rival using a catalyst. 3. Final Encounter As the game progresses, both the PC and his Rival(s) should have great achievements under their belt. As they grow in power, they will be sent to more battles which would involve a battle of wits between the PC and his rivals. This could set up a stage for final clash. I believe this would make for a more interesting final boss, rather than some nameless antagonist which you only meet near the end ala the Archvillain from DAO. Phew, such a long post. What do you all think?
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