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Found 1 result

  1. This is all fictive ideas. * Character Creation You start out without any class but you get to put out stat points and get to choose some basic gear. Statistics effects Dialogue, Physique, Intelligence and so on and so forth. * Classes/Advancing A Class is something you find in the game, through a Trainer or through Learning by a book. You are the naked Adventurer without much skill and have to learn everything from scratch. Saga Frontierhas this random effect where there is a chance you might learn a technique in battle. Companions would/could teach you, and help you progress. In another thread we slightly discussed Breathe of Fire III and the protagonists development throughout the game: 1- Starts out like a fart (not really but I don't want to spoil) and he wails his sword closing his eyes in battle. He has no skill and is somewhat of a coward 2- Is more confident after a series of events and begins to learn how to handle the sword and look at his enemy when he attacks them. He has now started to learn how to protect someone else and is very confident. The game presents the Player with a purpose. 3- Time passes, our hero is older, is now a confident Master Swordsman. * Enemies Defines your Weapon Level, in a sense. Basically, the more you take out of one Monster or enemy, the easier they become to take down. When you reach a certain amount (let's say you killed 50 Gibberlings) you won't be stronger against them anymore because you can pretty much glare them to death at this point. Enemies that you have slaughtered a lot could even flee at the sight of you because you've traumatized their Race and you are now an Apex Predator in their eyes. This will also let the Player get to play the game through the real challenges. Bosses would always be unique and thus always difficult, or if you have taken down 100 Humanoid Bandits you might get a petty little +1 Bonus to Damage/Attack/Hit when facing the Bandit Lord (which is rather insignificant on anything but Hardcore-Expert-Deluxe). Fighting enemies would unlock techniques after a while, that works on anyone. Take the Fighter for instance, he might learn a Magic Cleave Attack that sends energy out in a wide arc when you've defeated 34 Gibberlings, which you can use on Tasloi's. * Armor/Advancement The gear you start with is your "core" gear, throughout the game you find upgrades. A leather strap to put over the torso, perhaps an enchantment which makes your skin tougher (if you go the Barbarian route). Shin guards that you can repair and upgrade with new features and new plating and so on and so forth. A more of a Terraria/Minecraft approach (Except without looting and having 10000 components in your backpack). You advance on the fly, you defeat the Bandit then you use his gear instantly to boost your equipment, then moving on (Interactive Experience Points ftw). For Bosses you could get specific loot, Legendary Weapons and such. Armor/Defensive would be it's own "Character" within your "Character". Something that Levels up on its own kind of, or like a "Pet" that you control. I don't know how to explain it but I think you might get what I'm going for. Piece-meal armor that progressively upgrades as you play the game. * Magic/The Grimoire As your "Naked" Adventurer (Much like Planescape: Torment) you find the tools to craft your own Grimoire and go the route of a more Magical character. Using spells makes them better, but you have to use them a lot. A Magic Missile used 10 times might get you the 2 Magic Missile content. Using that 20 times gets you to 3 Magic Missiles etc. etc. If Enemies are fixed (Like in Baldur's Gate, little respawn except during Fast Travel) Grinding spells is going to be like Rest Spamming but worse and totally not worth it for the average/casual player. You would have to dedicate a lot of energy and time just to abuse this (if P:E will be anything like Baldur's Gate). * Dedication and issues I think a system like this would put you on your toes a little bit, it could cause problems if too complex and requires lots of dedication. If I get the Grimoire, if I want to be any good with Magic it would require me to use Spells a lot but I'd be missing out on the Weapon skills or the defensive skills. There are no "Levels", but fixed enemies of fixed strength. * Because I like Trees Having 3 Combat Skill Trees that can be upgraded on to of all of the above: Defensive/Armor, Offensive/Weapon and Magical/Grimoire. * Not addressing any "out of combat" thoughts.
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