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Found 17 results

  1. Hi, I peeped every creature except the red baby ant in my first playthrough. I then had to go into NG+ to get it, so went through and peeped it but the achievement did not unlock. My assumption is that this is due to peeping my missing card in NG+ and it's not taking into account the cards from my first playthrough. I just wanted to check if this was a bug or intended? I can't attach a screenshot of my creature cards or my save (due to size) but I have every card (8/8, 48/48 & 15/15). I am logged into Xbox and am not in a custom game. I peeped the red baby any about a week ago and have played daily. Thanks DxDiag.txt
  2. In-game already have coziness at max (level 5), but achievement and other stuff like mutations have not been unlocked for me, and my friend with whom I share the "backyard / save file" (I'm the owner of the file) got the achievement, the mutation and recipes, therefore, I have access only for the recipes thanks that he got the max coziness stuff, but only that, no mutations nor achievement for me. What is required for me to get this working? (this is my last missing achievement/mutation of the game so far ).
  3. Me and my friends have been having a blast playing Grounded when we have the chance, but we feel like we can't really work together in fights when we can harm each other with the many accessories in the game and some weapons secondary effects. For example, one of my friends have an accessory that has a chance to spawn a poison cloud when landing an attack which will poison everything that is in the range of the cloud. Unfortunately this also applies to us, so when we are teaming up to fight a boss, we usually end up dying from his accessory and then he is soloing the boss. We initially wanted to disable friendly fire since we think this would fix the problem, but since it is a game setting it will change the difficulty we have set to custom, thus disabling our ability to earn achievements. An example of a weapons secondary effect harming team play is the Pinch Wacker, where it has a chance to spawn an electricity effect that stuns enemies when in range, but this stun also applies to my teammates and harms their ability to play the game with me. I personally think to solve this issue would be allowing us to disable friendly fire without changing the difficulty to custom, therefore we will still be able to earn achievements and not impact each other's gameplay (assuming that the "custom" difficulty is what prevents achievements from being earned). Perhaps a second method would be to have the accessory and secondary weapon effects not apply to your teammates, but I think this would be more difficult to do and could harm the games PvP potential. Maybe there's also an opportunity to look into a way to create teams based on colors like "green team", "red team", and "blue team". (Terraria has a feature like this if you're interested in looking into it.) This would allow rival teams between your play group where you cannot harm players on your team, but can still damage the enemy teams players. I believe this idea also has potential to expand the PvP side of Grounded to incorporate some fun community made game modes like "Team Capture the Flag" or something as simple as "Team Deathmatch" in arenas we build. Thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope to see this game continue to grow.
  4. So my friend and I loaded up the world after the 1.0 release. I Built tier 3 arrows and got the achievement, but when he built some his achievement didn't pop. Similarly enough, when we plugged up the haze cannister (he plugged it as I already had thr achievement) his again did not unlock. this is a shared world and I'm worried that if we progress through I'll be the one getting thr achievements and not him when it's a team effort. is this just a bug that is in the process of being fixed or is this because I am the creator of the world and was hosting it?
  5. So I can't get any achievements in coop. They are host only. If I join my friend, only he gets the achievements. I've tried the following achievements in his game: Fine Dining, Lounging Around, Beefing Up, Exoskeleton, Face your Fears. None of them worked. Not sure if the problem is on my side, but I even tried multiple accounts, nothing worked for me. Hope this can get fixed!
  6. So the Achievements are not tracking. I AM NOT FARMING THESE I am Trying to earn through natural progression but almost all the get x amount of... stopped tracking around 50% I have tried all the save reload suggestions without any luck. I need To know if you have come up with a solution or if I need To return this game. I will not continue to play if my progress isn’t tracking that’s ridiculous.
  7. I’d like to know whether this feature will be implemented at launch or at a later date. I don’t see these features on the game’s windows store page but it would be a nice addition to those who own an xbox one and a windows 10 pc as well.
  8. Hoping someone can help with this. My Steam achievements are not unlocking for PoE & WM I. I realized this last night when I recruited all three new companions and opened the gate to Durgan's Battery without any pop-ups. It also made me realize how much I like earning achievements No, I have not cheated. However, I do hit the tab and esc keys quite often and may have hit the tilde key and opened up the console. I'm hoping that alone does not disable achievements (that'd be pretty awful for frantic players like me). My save file is apparently too large to attach. Anyone know how to remedy that? Double thanks!
  9. Interesting question that has been raised in the Steam forum: http://steamcommunity.com/app/291650/discussions/0/1319962599255308386/ Since it's possible to finish the "Regrets Worth Trading quest - http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Regrets_Worth_Trading - in several ways including peaceful resolution or killing Lafda, that can lead to Asca not offering the Lafda Bounty in TWM 2: http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Bounty:_Lafda Is it known whether that bounty is a requirement for getting The Ultimate achievement?
  10. Hello, With Deadfire hype I've got back to the game, to try White Marsh... I'm fond of hard achievements. Yesterday done Triple Crown SOLO achievement in v3.05.1186 proof: http://steamcommunity.com/id/CapCan1/stats/291650/achievements/ But, here are some questions / indignation : 1) Frozen Crown Solo achievement (Complete the White March and Pillars of Eternity on Expert, Trial of Iron, and Path of the Damned modes without taking any companions after Cilant Lîs.) Challenge: White Marsh > Stalwart Village > Darzir Can kill Taos on level 10, but can't kill Darzir with level 10 solo character (rogue) Could kill it with level 12 wizard and barbarian 2) The Ultimate achievement (Complete the White March and Pillars of Eternity, defeat all dragons, all bounties, and both archmages on Expert, Trial of Iron, and Path of the Damned modes without taking any companions after Cilant Lîs.) It's hard but doable with certain classes.
  11. Are there any "app only" exclusive cards? If not has there been any talk of them? Being that the game has gone digital I'm hoping that there ends up being an achievement system that can net you special things like exclusive cards, treasure chests, "Fate points" per scenario, +% of gold found, or +% of base items removed when advancing in levels... Kind of like "Badass Points" in Borderlands 2....
  12. Hi there, Recently picked up Pillars of Eternity again after not playing for a while, and noticed I haven't received a single Steam achievement regardless of meeting the criteria for multiple of them. Is there a way to fix this? Steam seems to be tracking play time and all that properly, just no achievements. Thanks, Snaptic
  13. See that achievement there? I wanna get it. And in a month or two, I'm going to be livestreaming my attempt to get it. I'm already keeping notes on one playthrough I'm doing, trying to figure out my path through the game. It's tricky to figure out a game plan when you can only rest a certain number of times! So, anyone want to give me suggestions? Example: builds, paths to take, what quests to do vs what to ignore? Thoughts thus far: High Athletics will be useful, so I won't have to rest as much. Talking my way out of fights to save my party's Health will be useful. To that end, I may want to invest in high Resolve, since Resolve is used a lot in dialogue checks. GOLDROT CHEW. If I'm reading the tooltip for it correctly, it decreases your fatigue. Which means, it holds off that exhaustion debuff. Wound Binding and Field Triage will probably be a lot more useful than normal. Priests, Druids, and Wizards are going to be less useful than normal in early game, since they can't rest to refresh spells. Consumables that increase max Health will be valuable; I'll probably have to power through some adventuring with the Exhaustion debuff no matter how well I do. On the same note, gear that increases Constitution will also be valuable. If I want to change my party, I'm going to have to do it by recruiting some schmuck at the tavern and cheesing it that way. Going back to Caed Nua means travel time, and travel time means fatigue, and fatigue leads to Exhaustion. I may be able to complete sidequests that happen to be in my way. Every piece of exp is valuable when you're avoiding combat like the plague, but I won't be able to go out of my way to get that exp, because...of combat. I think it's possible to do this on Easy? Strongest candidates for my Watcher's class right now are Ranger (for pets, who don't run out of endurance) and Cipler (for ludicrous amounts of cc). Cilant Lis and Valewood, I can fart around in; if I manage my items and my lone Watcher well, I should be able to at least take out the bandit camp and rescue the cook. As long as I don't rest until I get to Gilded Vale, I'm good. HAVE to rest in Gilded Vale to advance the plot. Maybe try to nonviolently solve the Windmill quest before resting at the inn? Act 2, I should probably knock out Heritage Hill and the Sanitarium before even thinking about going for Cliaban Rilag. Probably don't want to side with Dozens, since one of their quests involves a dungeon crawl outside the Defiance Bay area. Probably not doing Hylea's appeasement quest, as that involves a journey to her temple. Berath's involves two big fights, one of which is outside of Twin Elms anyway, and Galawain's involves a dungeon crawl. Rymrgand's, however, can be completed with stealth and dialogue! And as for companion quests: Aloth: If I bring him along for the Temple of Woedica, he'll give me his quest, and I can then go immediately to the Sanitarium to complete it and advance the story. The problem is getting through the Catacombs to the Temple, AND the Sanitarium itself, without being able to refresh his spells. (He's going back to Caed Nua to watch paint dry after that, though.) Eder: Depends entirely on if I can get my hands on the records in the short, short time I will be in Defiance Bay. We can't threaten the records keeper, remember; we want to avoid fights! Once we get the records, though, the rest of the quest is conveniently located beside the main plot. Durance: His quest advances when you rest with him in your party. Which means his quest is dependent on something I want to avoid doing. Plus, his spells refresh on rest, so keeping him in the party will handicap me. Kana: Endless Paths? Ain't nobody got time for that. Sagani: Can be completed nonviolently, but her final quest marker is aaaaaaall the way in the Northweald--a location I will be avoiding entirely, since I won't be chilling with Hylea. Pallegina: The only problem will be getting her into my party. Once she's there, everything she needs to do is nonviolent and right in the path of the main questline. Hiravias: Everything he needs for his quest is conveniently located in Twin Elms and Burial Isle. As long as I can avoid a fight with the Dude at the end, I should be able to do this! The only problem is, his spells are once per rest...which may or may not be such a big issue so close to endgame. Definitely doing this if I hit level 9 and get per-encounter spells; otherwise it's the Aloth problem all over again, because once I'm on Burial Isle, there is no way I'm not going down that Pit. Grieving Mother: Her quest is dependent on resting while she's in the party, sadly. Might get some progress on it, at least; she's a cipher, so I see no reason not to keep her around. Zahua & Devil of Caroc: Hahahahahaha you actually think I'll have time to go to the White March. That's funny.
  14. So, rather than restarting the game for the nth time (which would probably lead to me dropping the game entirely--my brain's gone numb from sheer repetition of the first 3 quests of Gilded Vale--when I usually discover mistakes in character development), I'm considering re-speccing my char using IE Mod. Does anyone have info whether the mod will affect my possibility of getting achievements or, worse, some sort of VAC penalty?
  15. Hello folks. Just the description of the thread; My achievemens disappears to one day to another. I never used cheats, never. 31+ hours played with different chars, 12+ with the most advanced character. If I remember well yesterday I had them. So.. ¿ bug ? known bug ? I must bite my tongue and f*** myself ?
  16. Some people love them, some people hate them. I count myself among the former, because they sometimes push me to try new gameplay modes and different challenges. They can also extend the life of a game, or just be a pointless grind. I'd favor them, but wouldn't be howling at the sky in frustration if they weren't in.
  17. Achievements: Some hate them and consider the ultimate immersion breakers. Some love them and like the ability to compare their play-throughs with others. Some don't care. I know there are a lot of people who hate achievements. As the game is going to be released on Steam I think the way the achievements will be handled (as I think that there will probably be at least some) is something worth discussing. Do you want "generic achievements" like "kill 50 x", "have 25 successful y attempts" or "get z completion rate"? I personally prefer the achievements that actually mean something. I like to check how many players chose the same faction, how many completed the same quests and how many finished the game. They also provide some valuable information to the devs.
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