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Found 12 results

  1. Wondering if anyone is having issues completing Achievements/Trophies? I am on PC using Game-Pass and trying to unlock the Achievement called "Got Your Back" Which requires you to kill 50 Enemeies using a Companions Skill. I am currently stuck on 2% Complete and regardless of which Enemies or People I kill nothing increases the Bar. Anyone else having this issue?
  2. Hi i can't unlock Explorer and zero k.o. achievement. In the first case i have done all the quest and i have explored everything in the base game (i don't have WM expansion pass) In the second case i did a run with a rogue without any k.o. (in the party and personal stats i have none and 0)
  3. Description: I was exiting one of the dungeons on one of the unnamed islands. I usually name the island after the dungeon name on the island. I couldn't see the name of the dungeon because the name Island dialog came up. I canceled out of it thinking that I could still name it afterwords. I tried entering the dungeon again and exiting but was never prompted to name the island. I have visited every island and completed the dungeon and have no unlocked the naming Island achievement I believe because of this. I now have no way of ever getting that on my current save game because I saved after words.
  4. Hi all, I am a returning player and finally decided to tackle the hardest achievements this game has to offer before moving to Deadfire. I have seen Wodjee's Ultimate run with a rogue and found genuinely cool although I am more inclined of doing it with a cipher. The builds I've found seem to be somewhat out-dated or not suitable for soloing let alone The Ultimate Achievement. So my questions as of now are the following: 1) At the current actual state of the game is it easier to achieve Ultimate with a rogue or a cipher? 2) It'd be very interested in corresponding SOLO(!) TCS/Ultimate build guides. post scriptum: I know there are maybe stronger classes (chanter, druid bla bla) but I want to have consistency with the char I am playing in Deadfire and a rogue or beguiler just seems way more piratey. Thanks in advance for sharing your experiences and any offered advice
  5. Good day, can someone give me save game before getting of "moderate pacifism" achievement? it needs to do less then 175 kill for game, but i cant do it cause want complete full game again and that need much more kills
  6. Hello there, I've been playing Pathfinder Adventures, and have completed all the Rise of the Runelords adventures in Heroic and Legendary difficulty. As far as I know, there are two Google Play achievements related to that feat (Heroic Victory and Legendary Tale) but, unfortunately, they haven't updated. I have completed as well both A Fighter's Tale: Valeros and Burn Everythings! in Legendary mode, and those achievements updated properly. I would like to know if there's any chance to get those achievements updated. My nick is Feth #5908. Thank you very much. The next issue is in regard to item Devouring Trident, which seems to come with A Fighter's Tale: Valeros deck. I've had two of those items disappear after using (burying) them during an scenario and having to reboot the game because one of the several things that make it become stuck (using Blessing of Nethys being the most frequent in my case). Plus, A Fighter's Tale: Valeros cards do not show in the Collection tab, as an additional nuisance. Main thing is the achievements problem, though, I'd really love them updated
  7. Hi Guys, First of all, let me thank you Obsidian for releasing such an awesome game, that probably makes everyone like me (former player of Infinity engine based RPGs) being able to step by back into childhood by playing this kind of wonderful games ! I stopped playing Pillars Of Eternity like a year ago, until I learnt about backers campaign on DeadFire, which just made me want to play it again ! (By the way, I personally do not care about the actual Deadfire release date, but please try to polish this game as much as you can : it's just going be an awesome game !) After getting back to Pillars of Eternity, I realized that made a lot of different runs that cover most aspects of the game, until I learnt about "The Ultimate" achievement that is probably the only thing that I was missing. So I decided to try it out ! Of course I could not try it with something else than a rogue, because it has always been my favorite class ! To push it a bit farther I decided to start the achievement with 3 base constitution and tried to do the run with the mindset of reducing its overall duration as much as I could (the idea behind it, was to allow some of you to try it without spending too much time). After countless (really countless) hours of strategy fine tuning, I can proudly announce that I could get it done. You can find the full run on YouTube : -- Do not watch it if you don't want to get spoiled! -- The full run lasts about 10 hours. You will be able to see that the idea was to avoid fights as much as possible to save some time and also try to work on pulling from fights only what is necessary to get the achievement. The goal of putting very low constitution as a rogue is to be able to kill opponents before they can actually hit you back ! I tried to apply splitting strategy on most fights, because as a rogue you can land very high damage but mainly on a single enemy. I hope you will enjoy watching it. If you try it by yourself and get stuck at some point, don't hesitate to ask for advices ! Let me know if you could get "The Ultimate" achievement by following it ! /Cheers
  8. Hello! I haven't been playing the game online until recently, so this may be related to the issue I have. Aside from the 'Create an adventurer' achievement, none of the other ones have been recognized. I've already hit act 3 with different saves (repeated, now soloing at act 2) and none of the ones I qualify for (the crafting ones, got all companions, all stronghold updates) are showing up. I have not used any console commands whatsoever. Savegame + Output Log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9k92drjjhlo3ppx/Pillars%20of%20Eternity%20Saved%20Game.zip?dl=0 Hope this can be resolved, I don't want to have to restart (again!). Thanks for your time!
  9. So I have 2, possibly 3, achievements bugged on Steam. And before you say console commands, it's not that. I never used "iroll20s," and I got achievements all the way up to finishing the game. The first is the "All Upgrades in Stronghold" achievement. I currently do have them all built, but at one point, I "auto-resolved" a bandit attack which led to one of my upgrades getting destroyed. Maybe the bug has to do with this? *SPOILERS FOR DRAGONS* The second is "Kill All the Dragons." I have killed the Sky Dragon, the Adra Dragon, Cail the Silent (the dragon in the cave in Searing Falls), Drakes, Young Drakes, and the Shadow Drakes. All but Cail show up in my bestiary, but named creatures don't go in the bestiary anyways. I've heard that only the Sky, Adra and Cail count for the achievement, so I should have it. The only thing I can think of was when I went back to the Adra Dragon after betraying it to the Dragon Hunter, it wasn't hostile and talking to it just said something about it being weakened. I had to force attack to kill it. Still got the bestiary entry and the end slide about it's death, though. The final achievement is "Explorer." I've gone into every building and every map I can think of. According to the Prima Digital Guide, I've gone thorugh every side quest (except the Doemenel and the Dozen quests, since I chose the Crucible Knights), but I don't think they have extra maps that are only accessible for their routes. The patch notes did say that the achievement now checks for 152 areas instead of 160 so I feel like I should be even more likely to have "Explorer." Maybe we could have a statistic for how many areas we've seen on the party records? That could help with pinpointing whether you've got a bug or just haven't explored enough yet. I tried uploading my game save for reference, but I keep getting a "No file was selected for upload" error. Oh well. I know these achievements have already been called out by people as bugged, but I thought I'd add my experience onto the pile and hopefully help get them fixed. If anyone has some tips, let me know!
  10. At the moment, I am trying to finish the game as pazifist. I figured I play this solo, since fighting isn't that important. You are allowed to kill 175 enemies and while I think that's doable, I also think you need to pick some selected fights to get experience on your way. The critical path depends a bit on your stealth, the higher it is, the less enemies you have to fight. But I think it's worth the tradeoff to dump a bit stealth and raise other skills instead. I every area, there are a lot of treasures and traps you can sneak up. This helps with loot as well with experience. Cilant Lis: I think you have to kill the ambushing guys and also 1 or 2 enemies in the dungeon. Might be my low stealth. Act 1: You can recover the smith's shipment by killing a single enemy or maybe even none. You can lure trolls to the bandits who guard the shipment. The bandits will return to their camp site after fighting. That is quite helpful since the smith will reduce the price of the summoning statue. To get the potion for Aufra by killing a few Xantrips (max 4). It's possible to lure them to the NPCs in Anslogs Compass. You need to kill a single sporeling as well. This opens up Raderic's Hold. Raedric's Hold is doable without a single kill. Enter left, steal a priest robe and then sneak directly to Raedric and promise him to kill Kolsc. Now you can loot most of the castle, only the undead in the cellar will still attack you. You will have plenty of money now, enough for the Figurine from the smith (allows you to summon an Animat) Since my stealth was too low, I had to kill 2 shadows in Caed Nua. But that was just enough to level up to 4. That's not required to defeat Maerwald, but helpful. If your character is weak, it might help to kill the backer with the plate mail in Gilded Vale. He is next to the entrance of the Temple of Eothas. I had 30 kills after Act 1. It surely is possible to have less. I also helped Peregund by killing two of the looters, I got a helmet with +1 might out of that. Figured that was worth it. Kolsc was too strong in the small house, but I might kill him later. Act 2: There are a few running quests you can do, but not that much. You can get the dagger for the boy and reduce the prices in the Salty Mast and also get the dagger from the other boy (Odda's son). I also promised Nedyn to get her book, but told the Wael guys about that. I sided with the Doemels by killing the guy in the Vallian Trading Company. I was added a single kill, even though I let the Doemels do everything. They didn't mind and so I was in. Afterwards you can get the letter in Coppervale peacefully and steal the jewel. Now you get a quest to kill another single guy. Siding with the Doemels allows you to finish the quest of Maea mostly peacefully. I had to kill a single Harrasing Thug, the one with the key. Now I can reduce the prices of Maea with a bit of running, I figure I get the most experience that way. That helps me to get to Serel. I might buy the amulet from her, copper isn't that much of an issue by now. In the catacombs, I had to kill a few slimes, but was able to recover Eorn (I killed him), get the Woedica mask and do the second floor without fight. I was not able to sneak to the necromancer, but might try again and kill 2 or 3 skeletons on the way. The traps and the quest will surely provide some experience. The sanatorium was doable without fighting, I simply ran away after talking to the prisoner. I looted a very helpful scale mail there which reduces prone duration and also adds deflection when prone. I think it's fixed loot since it fits perfectly against the flesh golems there. Heritage Hill sounds hard, I didn't try that so far. Quests I didn't mind doing: Clearing the lighthouse, recovering the scepter, recovering the chest (all Ondra's Gift), quests from the other two fractions, rescueing Purnisc (you have to fight guards upstairs either way), A voice from the Past (see above), Recovering the Wael scroll (by fighting the thieves) Well, that's how far as I got. I am level 6 now and have 37 kills. I might try leveling up to 7 before entering Heritage Hill, but that will require killing a few enemies. I am totally not sure how peacefully I can solve Heritage Hill and if levelling up to 7 helps me there. In the long run, I guess it's best to really kill as few as possible and do some bounties before the endgame. That might be enough to get to level 12.
  11. Hi adventurers! I am very happy to share with you my new victory: After finishing the game Solo in normal mode 1 week ago (remember HERE), I finally achieved the Game in Solo and Path of the Damned! http://i.imgur.com/wkUDqTgh.jpg http://i.imgur.com/88bFM8yh.jpg http://i.imgur.com/bvGFuiKh.jpg I achieved this with a Rogue once again, with a Retribution / Tank build. I you guys are intrested, I will make a post to explain the detail of my full build and the strat I used to defeat this last boss! Triple Crown solo, here I come Did some of you manage to finish the game in PotD solo too? Cheers !
  12. I need to grab a bunch of new t-shirts (as happens about once a year), and an idea struck me. Why doesn't steam offer t-shirts for sale, emblazoned with achievements you actually have? And ONLY those achievements you actually have?
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