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Found 1 result

  1. Prescript: I haven't played the tabletop version of the game, and I don't know what challenges await us in future adventure decks. What I have done is play through "Hook Mountain Massacre" on legendary with every character specialization, and although I hold a special place in my heart for Drunken Master it is obvious Seelah is the best character regardless of which kit you choose. Role Card: Hospitalier Skill Feats: Str+1, Wis+3 Power Feats: +1 hand size (total 5), Crusade, Ceaseless Crusade, Inspired Grace, Iomedae's Benediction, Inheritor's Favor Card Feats: Weapon 3, (+2) Spells 3, Armor 3, Item 0, Ally 2, (+1) Blessing 7 Weapons: Horsechopper + 1, Impaler of Thorns, Shock Glaive + 1 Spells: Scrying, Major Cure, Cure Armors: Elven Breastplate, Elven Breastplate, Magic Half-Plate Items: Allies: Poog of Zarongel, Toad Blessings: 5 Bless of Iomedae, 2 Favor of Iomedae So there she is. I'd rather have Father Zantus over Toad but I can't seem to get one to save my life. I've set her nickname to "Unstoppable" because that's what she is. She can solo any scenario in the game with ease. She can play support. She can carry new characters through adventures. She can't be killed. When I play her with other people they can't be killed. She has literally zero weaknesses. Crusade/Ceaseless Crusade: These two powers enable her to burn through location decks faster than any other character in the game except Ezren (and even he can only outpace her under very limited circumstances). The speed alone merits her placement in the top tier. Anyone who has tried to finish a scenario with five people knows what I'm talking about. The thing is, speed is only half of the benefit of Crusade. This power makes her the first/last/best choice for any location where you have detrimental effects when exploring or disadvantages to staying: Mountain Peak Shrine to Lamashtu Inspired Grace/Iomedae's Benediction: Dexterity Roll? No problem! Intelligence Roll? No problem! Combat? No problem! Having an extra d6 for any check in the game would be insane even it had a heavy drawback. With Seelah you get an extra die and it costs you nothing - no recharge, no bury, no discard. It might (less than half the time) thin your deck by a card, but with as many as six heals available to you (3 spells, 2 allies, healing hands power) the risk is effectively nonexistent. This power removes every potential weakness Seelah has for free and allows her to eschew bringing teammates the game is designed to require. Inheritor's Favor: Another insane power only available to a few characters. Whereas most characters get powers to boost their blessings, Seelah (along with Merisiel and Kyra) gets to recharge hers. Recharging your blessings instead of discarding? Yes please! This power is what enables Seelah to maintain a strong solo presence while simultaneously freeing her up to take on more support cards (Scrying and Augury). She effectively never runs out of cards and can always help someone in desperate need of help with their check. TLDR: Fastest location diver, insulated from various location-based detrimental effects, free dice for any check, and recycling of blessings, oh and she's a healer. Nobody can compete. brandon- edit: Replaced Horsechopper+1 with Bastard Sword+1. Replaced Toad with Father Zantus. Replaced Cure with Improved Aid.
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