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Found 15 results

  1. I would like to see the possibility, that everyone in a multiplayer game can save the game. For example, Journey to the Savage Planet did exactly that. Everyone could save the multiplayer game at any given time. That way if the coop partner wants to flesh out the base a little bit he can do that. Next time the coop partner can host the game and I save the current game for myself. Currently all participants have no interest in playing with the host, since all the progression is only on the host side.
  2. I can see where my save files that I was literally playing last night are (C:\Users\username\Saved Games\The Outer Worlds Windows 10\__LOCAL__), but the game won't acknowledge them at all any more. I'm guessing this because I signed in to my Xbox Live account and didn't originally start the game with that account or something? But that doesn't make sense because I only have one Game Pass, on that account. I say this because I noticed my gamertag in the bottom right corner, which I don't remember being there. Is there a way to bring these saves back? Am I just screwed and have to start all over again, even though they're right there where they should be?
  3. Hi, got the game today over epic games store in Germany for PC. While playing I can't seem to save the game. In the menu the words "Save Game" stay grey and I can't click them. Tried installing it anew and in another folder, but nothing seems to help. Even switched my PC on and off a couple of times... Just wanted to play it in "Story"-difficulty. There I can't manually save ever and an auto-save is not there, already played for to hours, when i noticed this... Any help with this is appreciated. Luvien
  4. Hello, I am on my second playthrough (love the game) and ran into the bug of missing the "talk" option with the sword Modwyr (I have all three main DlCs and version Since this bug has been known for a while, I suspected it might be something with my installation or save file. After playing around a bit with my saves, I noticed that the bug very likely occurs independently of mods i have installed: I always lose the "talk" option with Modwyr after I sell it and buy it again. The problem is, on my current save I sold it accidentally. I guess all left to do for me is to roll back to a save where I have not sold Modwyr. Or can I do something about it on my current save? Maybe with the console mod? (Below is a onedrive-link with a 7z archive containing: my save file, the latest output_log and pictures of the bug and my Deadfire installation folder (I include this last one because I remember that I at some point started to use GOG Galaxy on top of a manual GOG installation and I wonder if my installation looks wierd because of it... but I've never experienced any problems in 1.5 playthroughs). https://1drv.ms/u/s!AoFirKO3NY-YgQoIbq4mqJEB0_GU)
  5. I am unable to load my current playthrough. I'm 16 hours in currently on the worldmap and just did the Aloth Questline "The Painted Masks" so I'm near Ori o Koīki. The weird thing is that, when i go to load the save Aloth is displayed twice in the party. I only added 1 item via Unity Console(mod) but it`s been saving and loading after that no problem for hours. I`d rather not have to start all over, so i would really like to know what i can do. Thankful for any help.
  6. hi just left the engwith digsite and whakura pass has reaparied on the world map blocking my way to port maje, I cant enter whakura pass from this side so I need a way to enter this location again or to just bypass it all together, I would play through again but dont want to run into this problem again with out a viable work around in place.
  7. After the today's update my recent savegames (mostyly autosaves and quicksaves) do not work. The game backtracks to main menu showing info that it rejected the process to prevent my savegame from corruption. Where can I find my saves? I would like to do a copy of them. I see that you moved them from %appdata% :/
  8. Hi guys, After having restarted so many times, I've lost count (altitis, it's a thing). I've started noticing the following behavior: Start a new game and go up to the point where you awaken, you will notice the game autosaved. If you load that game and make a quicksave after loading, the game creates a "new character". Nothing too serious (though I couldn't trust it and restarted to be sure no voodoo lingers). Wanted to be sure it was noted. Thanks for reading. -edit And to add: If you do load inside the cabin, you will hear the typical "dwarf" text and the screen quickly moving from Berath inc. to the watcher.
  9. Hey guys, I've finished the game a long time ago and wanted to import a savegame but i renamed it and it won't show up in the PoE II no matter which directory i put it into. (no file found) I've searched the forums and none of the solutions I found helped me. I've tried so far: Putting it into the following directories: C:\Users\Ein\AppData\LocalLow\Obsidian Entertainment\Pillars of Eternity II\CurrentGame C:\Users\Ein\Saved Games\Pillars of Eternity II Renaming the file into: d3f2229ee8c54768b036150dc056c928 25118683 gamecomplete.savegame Could someone please take a look and maybe give me some tips about what else I can do? I'm unable to attach it directly so here's a Onedrive link. https://1drv.ms/u/s!Am7MMW8lBEZanDzQRCWV-o60lddv Thanks in advance Regards
  10. Hi, I've read some topic about save game I not found one which work for me. Yesterday I start to play and on the main menu load and continue are greyed. I tried some stuff that I found on this forum but nothing work. The only change from the last time I played is that the game is on V3. My save game are still on the correct folder. I play on steam. I tried on my windows and after on my mac and the problem are present on both. I cannot attache save game on the post sorry, probably because their size are bigger than 507KB. Regards
  11. There seems to be an issue where the game will both not recognize my saved games (Continue and Load buttons grayed out) nor load them (short black screen then back to menu when attempting to load). I've found a temporary fix for the recognition problem by moving my saves from C:\Users\Username\Saved Games\Pillars of Eternity to C:\Users\Username\AppData\LocalLow\Obsidian Entertainment\Pillars of Eternity\CurrentGame but after exiting the game it will no longer load the saves made during that session despite it being in that folder. Saves are below, frustrating issue http://www17.zippyshare.com/v/GbDB7OQ9/file.html
  12. Hi. I have an annoying issue with PoE : Each time my character dies (for now I can't go beyond Val Doré), my save game is wiped. I can't load it anymore, I can't continue. The file doesn't exists anymore. Gone. I play under Linux. Can you help me. I'd like to play the game with a functional save-game system. Thanks !
  13. I think this deserves it's own post instead of being buried on page 5 of the savegame issue thread. My post there: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/72764-quick-saving-and-loading-times-increased-greatly-after-20-hours/?p=1615960 So in short the Chanter "Rime and Frost" chant creates traps when it is triggered and thoise traps get saved into mobileobjects.save file causing it to grow out of control. This in turn causes saves to take way longer than they should. Oddly the chant creating fire traps doesn't seem to be affected with this bug. Here are the statistics in a nutshell: $ du -h MobileObjects.save 44M MobileObjects.save $ strings MobileObjects.save | grep Rime_and | wc -l 3232 $ strings MobileObjects.save | grep Root | wc -l 3308 That is 97% of all store objects! Explanation for the commands: First one shows the size of the MobileObjects.save, secong extracts all strings (text fragments) from that binary file, selects all that match the "Rime_And" stringfragment and counts them, giving us the count of 3232 Rime and Frost traps stored, last one does the same for substring Root that seems the be the start of new saved object data, giving the total count of 3308 saved objects. Workaround would be to avoid the rime and frost chant like plague, a fix would be to write a script to strip the saved traps from saves and to prevent new ones from getting saved at all. Edit: Apparently my first grepping miss-counted the amount of Rime and Frost traps, as the string "Rime_and" appears twice per trap, so a better match is: $ strings MobileObjects.save | grep "Rime_and_Frost_Trap.prefab" | wc -l 1614 Which leaves 50% of objects being traps. But the rime and frost trap definitions seem to be some of the longest objects.
  14. Hello! I've been playing PoE for some time, yesterday when I reached the Lighthouse quest, I finished a combat with some specters, BUT I didn't notice that I lost Aloth in the battle, when I tried to revert, I realized that I already quick-saved and the auto-save was done right after the battle. The previous auto-save is unfortunately way too early in the game so my question is; is there a way to revert save-games by possibly accessing .tmp files or even a cheat code to revive a character? Thanks a lot
  15. I have found a working savegame fix the will load savegames and create new working non corrupt savegames This has been tested and working on 3 different machines with 5 different save files myself and have had 2 other friends fix their savegames with this method. First delete the folder C:\Users\username\AppData\LocalLow\Obsidian Entertainment Then delete the folder C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp\Obsidian Entertainment If you have any saves in C:\Users\username\Documents\My Games\Pillars of Eternity Copy them to C:\Users\username\Saved Games\Pillars of Eternity Run the game as admin and load the most recent save Move your char and save a new save. Without exiting the game reload that new save. Save again in the same save. Exit the game. That should work and create new files in LocalLow and Local\Temp Though its probably unnecessary before i exit i save then i load my save and resave the same save everytime before i exit the game now. I have my 60+ hour save now to 85 hours without an issue on multiple machines. Please dont ask questions or expect me to explain this again if it works great if it doesnt or you cant figure it out good luck.
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