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Found 4 results

  1. ------------------------------- The Furry Ravager ------------------------------- Difficulty = PotD v. 2.0 ------------------------------- Solo: Possible, needs more testing ------------------------------- Class: Helwalker / Berserker ------------------------------- Race: Hearth Orlan ------------------------------- Background: Deadfire/The White that Wends ------------------------------- Base stats: Priority goes PER > DEX > MIG MIG: 15 (17) CON: 8 (10) DEX: 18 (20) PER: 20 (22) INT: 8 (10) RES: 8 (10) I took Effigy: Devil of Caroc, but take whatever you like for that. Skills: Whatever you want really. I like to have a moderate Athletics and set my AI to use when near death. Points in alchemy if you wanna use drugs. Passives I like to spread them around, but if you plan to use Giftbearer’s then pump History. Abilities: Lvl 1 – Frenzy/Swift Strikes Lvl 2 – Lesser Wounds Lvl 3 – Blooded Lvl 4 – Thick Skinned/Two Weapon Style Lvl 5 – Barbaric Blow Lvl 6 – Long Stride OR Wilder Hunter Lvl 7 – Blood Lust*/Swift Flurry* Lvl 8 – One Stands Alone* Lvl 9 – Bloody Slaughter* Lvl 10 – Bloody Frenzy*/Duality of Mortal Presence Lvl 11 – Wild Sprint Lvl 12 – Stunning Blow Lvl 13 – Barbaric Smash/Stunning Surge Lvl 14 – Enervating Blows OR Interrupting Blows* Lvl 15 – The Long Pain Lvl 16 – Lion’s Sprint/Turning Wheel Lvl 17 – Brute Force Lvl 18 – Improved Critical Lvl 19 – Blood Thirst/Heartbeat Drumming Lvl 20 – Instruments of Pain **Levels 7-9 can be taken in any order, though this is the order I took them in. **You can take Lightning Strikes then respec to Swift Flurry later, if you feel you aren’t critting enough early on. **Spirit Frenzy can be taken at lvl 10, however stun overrides staggered. Also if you use a rogue tank for persistent distraction, this will remove it so bear that in mind. **I'm undecided on which is better out of Interrupting/Enervating Blows, but need to drop one for The Long Pain. Gear: Head: Fair Favor/Helm of the White Void Armor: Devil of Caroc Breastplate Gloves: Aegor’s Swift Touch, or anything that increases DEX/MIG Amulet: A few choices here; Bone Setter’s Torc, Precognition, and Orishia are my favourites. Amulet of (greater) health is good for early game Rings: Greater Regeneration + Voidward Belt: Undying Burden/Upright Captain (very handy in BoW) Boots: Anything that increases DEX. Early on you can use Boots of the Stone, BiS is Footprints of Ahu Taka. Boots of Speed are also nice Cloak: Still not set on this slot yet; for pure damage you could go Violet Redemption; Nemnok’s will save you in a pinch, but will make you even more squishy; Giftbearer’s or (Greater) Protection for the will; (Greater) Deflection is probably the overall safest choice. Pet: Abraham Trinket: Waidwen's Sundial/Eye of Rymrgand. Both strong defensively, Sundial also has a debuff though this can be applied by a party member. Per rest so if you don't like abusing rest (I don't) then save for big fights/rough situations. Weapons: Scordeo’s Edge: You will want to go to Ashen Maw early. Put it in your main hand and leave it there. Rust’s Poignard: Obtainable early, though the fight can be tough. I was able to do it at lvl10 without much trouble, so I’m sure it can be done earlier. Worthy mentions/situationally good: Grave Calling: BiS OH for skeleton fights. +15 accuracy vs vessels makes this the obvious choice, as a bonus we can summon minions with it too. This will also probably be your main hand until you get Scordeo’s. Modwyr: Solid weapon, however the action speed buff doesn’t apply to your other weapon whereas Rust's does (the lashes do though). A solid option pre Scordeo/Rust, also against Fampyrs. Aldris Blade of Captain Crow: Good synergy with our high crit chance. If you are having trouble with healing then you will like this sabre. Beza's Toothed Blade: Only one reason to use this, and that is Veil Piercing. Veil-Touched (all ghosts have this passive) grants -50% damage taken and 100% incoming crit to hit conversion. Only way to circumvent this is with Veil Piercing, showcased in the Onadere bounty video below. Tarn’s Respite: Very good early-mid game weapon due to +1 PEN and a cold lash. The upgrades are only really good against bosses. Edit: After playing through BoW I have made some adjustments and removed some weapons, because honestly Scordeo/Rust can't be beat (outside of immunities and ghosts). Even the 21 slash/pierce armour snow bears couldn't slow me down. I was even able to prone-lock the final boss at half health thanks to Rust and a good Blade Cascade proc; fight ended about 15 seconds later. For other gear, there aren't many changes. The Helm of the White Void provides us +10 accuracy on Stunning Surge, so is a very strong contender for the head slot. Looks weird if you're not also wearing the Guardian's Plate though. Added trinket recommendations. New ring (Prosperity's Fortune) from the Deck of Many Things DLC is interesting, however you'd have to drop the ring of regen. Also appears to be no in game indication whatsoever of how much hit to crit chance it gives, so can't recommend at this stage. Most of this gear is obtainable early, providing you know where to look and have the cash. Most of the expensive ones can even be stolen with mechanics 14, which is nice. My fight against the Kraken was quite bizarre; hopefully you find it as amusing as I did playing it! I had to equip Eder with the Bounding Boots to get him out after. It is very easy to stack Scordeo against, the results of which I show at the end. And this is why Swift Flurry is so strong; this was before I got Scordeo so my accuracy wasn't even that crazy: Some videos of bounties (almost solo) pre patch 2.0: And some more bounties from 2.0 patch day: So as you can see the build is still very strong after the nerf to SS; basically don't spam it until you have high Scordeo and/or they are sufficiently debuffed. Gameplay: So, how it all fits together. Stunning surge will provide us with 2 mortification if it crits, this used to apply to both attacks meaning it was possible to generate Mortification (patch 2.0 limited it to one refund). It also gives you 2 wounds; though this is likely a bug. This is why we want to maximise our crit chance, and is why Scordeo’s Edge is so good here. Each hit with it grants +2 accuracy, which stacks. Swift Flurry and Heartbeat Drumming have a chance to trigger an additional attack when you crit; the important thing to note is that the additional attack seems to always be with the main hand (which is why Scordeo’s must be in MH slot), and they can proc several times on a single attack (most I’ve seen is 8, sometimes you will literally make a mob explode with a single hit). This means it is very easy for us to stack our accuracy, leading to more crits, more SS spam, and more free attack procs! I've also added in Instruments of Pain, which allows us to hit from a distance - don't use the Long Pain as it will replace your weapons, just wait for the upgrade. Against some bosses you may want to not use it, as you can't flank from range. Next up we have Lion’s Charge, which gives +15 accuracy (note this doesn't stack with Priest's Devotions of the Faithful). The description states it is only for the first hit, however it is currently bugged and will last for the duration of the encounter. This will eventually get fixed, but even then it will still be a solid choice as you want to get those free attacks pumping ASAP. Sprint is also great for rushing the backline at the start of a fight if you want to take out a caster quickly, and repositioning in general. Bloodlust and Blood Thirst to increase our AS when we kill things, which will be alot. Bloody Slaughter and Barbaric Smash for finishing off low health enemies. Rust's Poignard - Shank gives 3% AS per stack against flanked enemies (also works on your MH, though tooltip it doesn't always show on the weapon), so you will want a Rgoue tank and/or Cipher to spam Phantom Foes. Lay Low is also very powerful when it procs (prone and -10 all defenses). It even works on bosses so if you get a Blade Cascade proc you can lock them down for a solid duration (Salvation of Time extends it). For basic fights I have a script handle pretty much everything for me, which I can upload if anyone is interested. Athletics when near death - auto cast frenzy, swift flurry, and instruments of pain - if mortification > 5 then use SS on lowest deflection - if rage > 5 AND enemy is near death then use barbaric smash. Activate sprint at beginning of combat after your auto cast buffs and pick your first target. You will be disgusted at how efficient this is when you get a Blade Cascade proc. Note: This is no longer strictly recommended in 2.0. Take control early then once the momentum has built up let it spam. I think that's everything, if you have any suggestions or critiques I'd love to hear them! Edit: Updated for 2.0, added a bunch of videos, changed some formatting. Edit: Can't believe I'd never tried out The Long Pain/Instruments of Pain before, so much fun! Take them at 15 and 20.
  2. My class was a Ravager (Shattered Pillar Monk/ No Subclass Barbarian) So i finished the game on POTD with stats : Might: 18 Con: 11 Dex: 10 Per:10 Int: 10 Res: 19 the game went fine using robes and light armor, Mohora Tanga and Tuotilo's Palm. I spec into both two weapon fighting and sword + shield fighting. This makes me very tanky. Only issue I ran into was missing a lot of my hits. I had enough life and i was attacking more than fast enough. A lot of people don't know this, but with Shattered Pillar Might is just the way to go. Dex is good, and it yields superior dps but you're already fast enough and the extra might gives you the single hit damage to gain wounds more easily. Also used Lord Darryn's Voluge and went barehanded. Darryn's works great for crowds and synergizes well with primary attack abilities but it lacks dps vs single targets until you get off that first disorient. Barehanded had great dps versus single targets. Both weren't defenseless but werent tanky enough for me to be comfortable. Mohora Tanga and Tuotilo's Palm did nearly as much damage as barehanded but they had the added benefit of making me very tanky. So the build felt better overall. As i mentioned before my only issue was not landing enough hits. On my second play through I plan to use the same armor, weapons and class. My stats, with Berath's blessing have changed to: Might: 18 Con: 10 Dex: 10 Per: 18 Int: 13 Res: 19 Any thoughts? Also I am considering specing into Blade Turning/Dance of Death. Has anyone tried that? Can you tell me if it works?
  3. Hi guys/gals, Has anyone tried or theorycrafted a barbarian/monk combo? I could not find any post on this multiclass build. I was planning on going Barbarian/Corpse-eater (for sustainability) + Monk/Shattered-pillar (to get wounds from hits). On the paper it seems to synergize quite well with the barbarian high hit-rate + AOEs and the wounds gained from hits by the Monk/Shattered-pillar but maybe I am missing something... If you feel like it's bad, could you advise a better balanced (non glass-canon) melee build, with high burst damage, AOEs ans some croud-control? Any advice about how to level this build is also welcome Thanks
  4. Has anyone else tried out this combination? I personally think it's insane. This guy gets insanely buffed without ever having to take damage from an enemy making him a great mid/back line fighter. Shattered Pillar Monks are sort of the answer for monks that don't want to get hit, but Berserker circumvents the need to create wounds from enemy attacks. Also, unlike in PoE1, you don't a mage to cause friendly fire to stack your wounds. You also don't have to run into melee, run out taking disengage penalties, and then begin your damage. Background Human - Living Lands - Whatever I'm not your dad. Human because you put yourself below 50% with Frenzy and kick off the 15% damage and it kind of fits the whole Frenzy theme. Notes on Stats: 20 Might (This allows for 30 might with 10 self inflicted wounds from the Berserker's Frenzy. That's an extra 30% damage (60% total) according to the sheet from might alone.) The rest is up to you depending on what you want, but I originally went for 18 Constitution and then 10 in everything else. I tend not to min/max (especially now since the game calls me infirm for doing so), but you could dump int to avoid cleaving your melee with friendly fire carnage. The tank provided took the cleaves fine and I'm sure with a proper tank they won't worry about the carnage hits too much. You could also dump resolve if you want to use this build with reach weapons or The Long Pain. Notes on Gear: Unsure so far, but it seems you could build this however you want. One thing I noticed is, with proficient weapons you have a lot more accuracy and hit a lot more often than with fists since there isn't an unarmed proficiency. I liked using the Dragoon's Leap Boots (Bounding Boots?) and jumping into the back line and RAVAGING mages. The problem is after you leap you stand there like a doofus for a while. The safer you are the lighter armor you can wear. Pretty simple. Notes on Talents: Since I used him as a "behind enemy lines" type, I chose anything that made him run fast and also took Force of Anguish in order to CC mages. If you intend on using this from the friendly mid/back line then you probably could skip the movement speed/disengage talents. Bloodied works well here as well. I believe it's an another 15% (25%? I should have have looked this up before posting) damage that you create for yourself. Lesser Wounds is obviously great here since you stack wounds faster with less Frenzy casts. I took accurate carnage as well. The worst part about the build is listening to your tank and rogue complain that you're hitting them 3 times a second. Notes on Gameplay: Start with Frenzy, Auto attack everything (including your friends) to death. When Frenzy runs out, cast Frenzy again. When all your Frenzies are exhausted, cast Swift Strikes. Guess when your health is too low and heal using Athletics or whatever. Use CC or whatever as needed. Finally a non-micro heavy monk. This is my first post and not really a guide by any measure. Just something I tried out and had fun with and wanted to see if you guys had any thoughts on it. P.S. - Please don't nerf. I'm making this guy in PoE1 for my "cannon" play-through. Thanks in advance. P.S.S - If you read this Boeroer, you're the reason I have rerollitis. I hope it keeps you up at night. Edit: Just adding stuff as I think of it.
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